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Wedding banquet halls: check price, menu, availability, request quote and get the best deals for wedding banquet halls in a range of event venues to host a grand celebration in an elegant and timeless setting.

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    Sawmill Creek Golf Resort & Spa
    Wedding Banquet Halls Camlachie (Ontario)

    Located in Camlachie, Ontario, Sawmill Creek Golf Resort & Spa is a beautiful venue that specializes in creating wonderful weddings and special events which will provide lasting memories for all those attending. It has an experienced on-site coordinator that will guide and assist you with your... (wedding banquet hall)

    Number of guests 50 to 300

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    St. Mark's Place
    Wedding Banquet Halls Middle Lahave (Nova Scotia)

    St. Mark's Place is a Middle LaHave-based venue which combines a relaxing location with the convenience of a multifunction space with rich interiors, perfect for your upcoming wedding. Once a Lutheran church, this heritage property was restored in 2012 to become an important rental facility. After... (wedding banquet hall)

    Number of guests 1 to 300

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    River Rock Casino & Resort
    7 Wedding Banquet Halls Richmond (British Columbia)

    River Rock Casino & Resort is a fantastic wedding venue located in Richmond that offers quality service, a beautiful setting and top notch amenities to make your special day even more special. Attentive staff and fabulous food are both trademarks of this singular venue. They are able to accommodate... (wedding banquet hall)

    Number of guests 50 to 450

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    Arts Commons
    Wedding Banquet Halls Calgary (Alberta)

    Arts Commons serves as the perfect place to lay down the foundation of your new life. Located in downtown Calgary, this group of venues rests on a full city block and features five theatres and the world-class Jack Singer Concert Hall. There is nothing more life changing than joining your hands in... (wedding banquet halls)

    Number of guests 2 to 1800

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    The Calgary Zoo
    18 Wedding Banquet Halls Calgary (Alberta)

    Create one more treasured memory at the Calgary Zoo! This venue provides the perfect mix of elegance and fun for you and your wedding guests. Enjoy an unforgettable event with our one-of-a-kind venues and delicious locally sourced cuisine. Exploring St. George’s Island, your guests will be treated... (wedding banquet halls)

    Number of guests 30 to 280

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    St. Marys Golf & Country Club
    Wedding Banquet Halls St Marys (Ontario)

    With unmatched elegance and hospitality, St. Marys Golf & Country Club has the course as the perfect backdrop for stunning wedding images and interiors that have unparalleled levels of sophistication and homeliness rolled into one. You will be treated as one of their own as their dedicated wedding... (wedding banquet halls)

    Number of guests 50 to 210

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    Cedarhill Golf & Country Club
    Wedding Banquet Halls Ottawa (Ontario)

    Cedarhill Golf & Country Club is an Ottawa-based venue that specializes in providing a spectacular setting for hosting weddings and special events just 15 minutes outside downtown Ottawa. Located near a beautiful residential community, this venue has all the services you will need to celebrate your... (wedding banquet halls)

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    Mirage Banquet Hall
    3 Wedding Banquet Halls Edmonton (Alberta)

    This is the perfect place to hold your wedding event, as the Mirage Banquet Hall in Edmonton, Alberta, spares no expense. This facility can accommodate your wedding, with a staff that pays full attention to detail to assure perfect orchestration from ceremony to celebration. Choose the style, size... (wedding banquet hall)

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    Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre
    8 Wedding Banquet Halls Burnaby (British Columbia)

    The Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre is a Burnaby-based venue that specializes in hosting weddings and events. This multi-use facility celebrates Japanese Canadian culture and includes spectacular gardens which offer an ideal backdrop for an unforgettable event. The expert staff at NNMCC... (wedding banquet hall)

    Number of guests 30 to 320

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    Burnaby Mountain Clubhouse
    Wedding Banquet Halls Burnaby (British Columbia)

    Burnaby Mountain Clubhouse is a lovely venue located in Burnaby, British Columbia, that specializes in providing the most magnificent West Coast backdrop for celebrating weddings and other special events. Situated on a spacious golf course with great views, this venue is perfect for celebrating... (wedding banquet hall)

    Capacity 160

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    Paddlewheeler Riverboat Tours
    Wedding Banquet Halls New Westminster (British Columbia)

    Based in New Westminster, British Columbia, Paddlewheeler Riverboat Tours offers a unique venue that specializes in celebrating weddings and many other types of events right on the mighty Fraser River! If you are looking for an authentically different experience for you and your guests on the day... (wedding banquet hall)

    Number of guests 2 to 100

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    University Club of Montreal
    5 Wedding Banquet Halls Montreal (Quebec)

    The University Club of Montreal is a private club and wedding venue located in a historic building in the heart of Montreal. The atmosphere they offer is a prestigious setting, complete with elegant furnishings and a succulent menu your guests will be raving about. Well known for their excellent... (wedding banquet halls)

    Number of guests 25 to 130

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    Provisions at Lower Fort Garry
    Wedding Banquet Halls Winnipeg (Manitoba)

    Provisions at Lower Fort Garry is a restaurant, local food market and wedding venue located in an area which was once used for the fur trade. These amazing stone buildings were where trappers and traders worked in the 1850s. A part of Parks Canada, this historic site provides beautiful scenery for... (wedding banquet halls)

    Number of guests 20 to 400

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    Coloniale Golf Club
    Wedding Banquet Halls Beaumont (Alberta)

    Coloniale Golf Club is one of Edmonton areas premier banquet venues. Located 10 minutes south of Edmonton in the beautiful Town of Beaumont. The facility is situated 50’ above the surrounding golf course allowing panoramic views that can be enjoyed from every room. This venue is the ideal choice for... (wedding banquet hall)

    Number of guests 180