Planning Basics

You're engaged! Once you're done screaming it from the rooftops, there is work to be done. We want to help you stay on track of everything, so we're giving you our best wedding planning advice. From selecting the date for your big day to the latest wedding trends, you can find everything you need to know here.

Trends & Tips

How to Avoid Becoming a Groomzilla

Nobody likes a groomzilla! Here’s how to harness your inner monster and remain chill during the planning process.

Trends & Tips

How to Nail Your Tropical Wedding Theme

Dreaming of a tropical wedding but don’t want to fly far far away? Here’s how to make it happen in your hometown.


5 Things You MUST Make Time For on Your Wedding Day

When the wedding day arrives, you’ll be too busy getting married and having fun with your loved ones to think about much else, but there are a few things that you should definitely make time for.

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6 Must-Dos the Night Before Your Wedding

Don’t spend the moments leading up to your big day staring at the clock. Wind down using these tips.

Legal Paperwork

How to Get a Marriage License in PEI

Getting married on the Island? Then you will need to get a PEI marriage license to make your union legit.

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25 Awesome Spring Wedding Ideas

Want to match your wedding day to the spring season? Here are a few amazing ideas brought to you by real brides and grooms.

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5 Ways NOT to Embarrass Yourself On the Dance Floor

Prone to pulling out dance moves that should have been forgotten at the start of the millennium? We’re here to help.

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6 Things You’ll Probably Fight About Before Your Wedding

Not all arguments are bad arguments! Here are a few of the fights you and your partner may have before your big day (dw it’s totally normal).

Marriage Proposals

7 Memorable Places for Your Marriage Proposal

Gearing up to get down on one knee? From the great outdoors to their childhood home, here are a few of our favourite places to propose.

Trends & Tips

How to Plan Your Wedding Without Leaving North Vancouver

Are you planning on tying the knot in North Vancouver? Here are the spots you should be heading to first.

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25 Awesome Rustic Wedding Ideas

Rustic weddings are all the rage thanks to their charm. If you’re looking to add some shabby chic elements to your big day, we’ve got a few rustic wedding ideas for you.

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5 Major Elopment Don’ts

Have you decided to tie the knot in a super intimate two-person ceremony? Here’s everything you need to avoid.

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How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding in Vancouver

Want to go green on your big day? You don’t have to slack on style when creating your dream eco-friendly wedding in Vancouver.

Trends & Tips

How to Plan Your Wedding Without Leaving St. Clair West

Planning your wedding in midtown Toronto? Here’s where to find the best of the best on St. Clair West.

Trends & Tips

The 2018 Wedding Trends That You Need to Know About

Want to know 2018’s wedding trend forecast? We’ve broken down the hottest styles for decor, theme, venue and more.


How to Help Your Groomsmen Save Money

Weddings are expensive and you don’t want your groomsmen going broke before the big day. Here’s how to help them cut costs and save a bit of money.