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Wedding entertainment: check prices, availability, request quotes and get the best deals on wedding entertainment solutions that will make your guests remember your wedding for years to come. Choose from a variety of original ideas that will keep the party going like dance lessons for your guests at the reception or DIY wedding favours. There are a number of offbeat and fun ideas to choose from that will make your wedding stand out from the rest.

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    Geofilter Studio
    4 Wedding Entertainer Winnipeg (Manitoba)

    Operating out of Winnipeg, Geofilter Studio is a design business that focuses on the creation of outstanding personalized snapchat filters. Their team is filled with professional designers that are graphic design school graduates and come with many years of industry experience. Are you looking for... (wedding entretainment)

    Number of guests 1 to 1000

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    PM Gigs Music and Entertainment
    Wedding Entertainer Calgary (Alberta)

    PM Gigs Music and Entertainment is a Calgary-based company that specializes in professional DJ, music and entertainment solutions for weddings and other special events. Its team of highly qualified professionals will assist you in selecting the right entertainment services for your special day. Your... (wedding entretainment)

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    Hong De Cultural & Athletic Association
    8 Wedding Entertainer Edmonton (Alberta)

    Hong De Cultural & Athletic Association is an entertainment group and non-profit association located in Edmonton. They dedicate their activities to promoting Chinese culture throughout Alberta. Their Hond De Lion and Dragon dance is something only used for weddings as it spells good luck and many... (wedding entretainment)

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    Candys By Sisters
    2 Wedding Entertainer Toronto (Ontario)

    Candys By Sisters is a Toronto-based company that specializes in offering spectacular candy displays for weddings and other events that are looking for a sweet touch to add to their special day. With a colourful array of candies in all shapes and sizes, the marvelous presentations are not just... (wedding entretainment)

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    Wedding Entertainer Montreal (Quebec)

    Kréavie is based in Montreal, Quebec. The team is dedicated to providing you sweet and salty tables, designed according to your theme. The candy bars and favours are perfect for any event, including weddings and other special occasions. Entertain your guests with the sweetest display you can find... (wedding entretainment)

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    Jonathan Gold - Magician
    Wedding Entertainer Montreal (Quebec)

    Those wedding worries? Now you see them – now you don't! In a puff of smoke and the wave of a wand, Jonathan Gold, world-class, award-winning, sleight-of-hand magician, will pull rabbits from hats and put smiles on faces. Jonathan plays at premier venues all across Canada, and his talents have... (wedding entretainment)

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    Wedding Entertainer Waterloo (Ontario)

    Sugar is owned and operated by Courtney and Kelly, best friends and baker extraordinaire. The duo creates unique candy buffets ideal for dream weddings and all kinds of special celebrations. For couples with an unstoppable sweet tooth, candy buffets are a fun and exciting way to offer guests an... (wedding entretainment)

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    QueBra Entertainment
    Wedding Entertainer Montreal (Quebec)

    QueBra Entertainment is a Montreal-based company that specializes in wedding and special event entertainment that is second to none. Imagine Brazilian samba dancers or robe champagne and cigarrette girls offering a glass of bubbly and some smokes for your guests? Add a bit of pizzazz to your... (wedding entretainment)

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    Edible F & B L'Amour
    Wedding Entertainer Toronto (Ontario)

    Edible F & B L'Amour is a Toronto-based company that specialises in fruit and vegetable design and décor for weddings and related celebrations. The business works, exclusively, with high quality products and it also offers a huge variety of customisable assortment of gift items for your big day. Its... (wedding entretainment)

    Number of guests 50 to 2000

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    The Sugar Cube
    Wedding Entertainer Calgary (Alberta)

    It all started long, long ago on a sweet March day… actually it wasn't really that long ago (March 2013), but it was still a sweet, crisp day. It was born from a sense of adventure, but also a sense of deadlines! We knew that to make this happen for 2013, decision time was upon us. We signed the... (wedding entretainment)

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    Ritmo Flamenco
    Wedding Entertainer Toronto (Ontario)

    Ritmo Flamenco is a Toronto-based group that specializes in providing the most upbeat and energetic flamenco performances for weddings and other special events. All trained in Spain, this group is comprised of a professional flamenco guitarrist and up to three dancers who deliver an original... (wedding entretainment)

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    Access Ballroom Studio
    Wedding Entertainer Toronto (Ontario)

    Located in Toronto, Ontario, Access Ballroom Studio is a business that offers soon-to-be-married couples a place where they can learn how to dance before taking the dance floor before all their close family and friends on their wedding day. This dance school has talented instructors that will help... (wedding entretainment)

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    Straight Up Sassy Bar Services Incorporated
    Wedding Entertainer Carstairs (Alberta)

    Straight Up Sassy Bar Services was launched about 4 years ago with the idea in mind to offer something no one else was offering. Fun, professional, and responsible bar service to clients who either didn't have the time or didn't have the experience to operate a bar. We are your one stop solution for... (wedding entretainment)

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    Diamond Dancers
    1 Wedding Entertainer Toronto (Ontario)

    Experience authentic fun dance entertainment on your wedding day by hiring the brilliant Diamond Dancers. The highly sought after artists are located in Toronto, Ontario. The performances staged can last from ten to forty minutes and will leave a lasting impression on you and your guests. With huge... (wedding entretainment)