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    111 Films
    Wedding Videography Winnipeg (Manitoba)

    111 Films is a Winnipeg-based wedding cinematography and videography service, functioning with a goal to narrate your story in the most appealing, imaginative and authentic way. A veteran of covering countless weddings all across Canada, 111 Films aspires to deliver engaging films and videos, with... (Wedding Videography)

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    Fresh Canadian Content
    55 Wedding Videography

    Fresh Canadian Content is an award-winning national network of close to 40 professional videographers that spans Ontario, Alberta, BC, and Quebec. They also specialise in weddings for Banff, Jasper, and the National Parks Region of Alberta. Since 2004, they have been offering modern cinematic and... (Wedding Videography)

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    Final Phase Productions
    1 Wedding Videography Winnipeg (Manitoba)

    Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Final Phase Productions is a business owned by freelance videographer, Denis Ankrah. The team captures weddings with a fresh perspective, so that their clients can relive their special day over and over again. Their work depicts a mix of cinematic, documentary, and... (Wedding Videography)

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    Reel Reflection Studios
    Wedding Videography Medicine Hat (Alberta)

    Reel Reflection Studios is a Medicine Hat-based videography company that specializes in shooting weddings and events with a special romantic quality to all their videos. All those loving moments, event the goofy ones that make their special mark on your day, everything will be solidly captured.... (Wedding Videography)

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    Safe Box 88 Production
    6 Wedding Videography Toronto (Ontario)

    Safe Box 88 Production is a Toronto-based company that specializes in professional videography services for weddings and other special occasions. The team's style is a combination of storytelling, documentary, short form and cinematic styles of shooting films. They will create a creative and... (Wedding Videography)

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    Arty Sych
    Wedding Videography Calgary (Alberta)

    Arty Sych is a contemporary wedding and lifestyle photography and cinematography studio based in Calgary, Alberta. The team loves to capture all the special moments you have and focus on the real emotions being shared. They will employ their creativity to give you a timeless and unique wedding shoot... (Wedding Videography)

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    Beautiful Life Studios
    48 Wedding Videography

    Beautiful Life Studios is a Toronto-based company that specializes in wedding videography that creates art with every shot of the camera. Every treasured moment will be captured to present a wedding film you will be delighted with. The talented team at BLS are committed to making sure you get... (Wedding Videography)

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    Chili Pepper Productions
    7 Wedding Videography Pickering (Ontario)

    Chili Pepper Productions is a Pickering-based videography company that specializes in creating amazing wedding films that will take you back to that special day. Sometimes photo collections are simply not enough. Having a video you can enjoy over and over again that recreates the beautiful moments... (Wedding Videography)

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    The Bride's Cinema
    3 Wedding Videography Calgary (Alberta)

    The Bride's Cinema is a Calgary-based videographers team that creates cinematic style wedding films for couples in south Alberta.It offers three different options: a 45-minute, 60-minute or a 90-minute film. Its professionals will customize the package selected as per your needs and budget... (Wedding Videography)

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    Labastian Studios
    2 Wedding Photography Richmond (British Columbia)

    Labastian Studios is a team of professional wedding photographers and cinematographers based in British Columbia. This business was founded in 2014 by, Jason La and Joel Bastian, and it strives to capture the most unperceived moments a couple goes through on their big day. From shooting the bride... (Wedding Photography)

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    4 Wedding Videography Calgary (Alberta)

    NextEpisodeProduction is a Calgary-based company that specializes in professional videography services for weddings and special events. The team caters to all types of weddings and religions including Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Christian, Iglesia Ni Cristo, Hindu and Sikh. Established in... (Wedding Videography)

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    D.M.S. Video Productions
    23 Wedding Videography Vaughan (Ontario)

    D.M.S. Video Productions strive to make videos that stand the test of time. With thirty years of experience in the wedding industry, they do more than simply record your event, they aim to capture the emotions in each moment. They are proud to produce videos and are continously working on improving... (Wedding Videography)

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    Cinderwood Films
    6 Wedding Videography Calgary (Alberta)

    Cinderwood Films is a Calgary-based cinematography company that specializes in creating beautifully real and authentic films from one of the most important days of your life, your wedding day. The videographer will be there to capture every special and joyous moment as well as to offer you something... (Wedding Videography)

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    Derek Chan Films
    30 Wedding Videography Toronto (Ontario)

    Derek Chan Films is a Markham-based videography company that specializes in creating stunningly romantic films for weddings. Derek's films seek to capture the authentic emotions felt on your big day without missing a beat. He combines all the elements in sound, storytelling and powerful imagery to... (Wedding Videography)