Wedding Videography

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    Asteroid Media
    1 Wedding Videography Mississauga (Ontario)

    Asteroid Media is a Toronto-based company that loves creating cinematic style films for couples who wish to remember their wedding exactly as it happens. The best highlights, the most tender moments and the happiness felt during your big day will all be captured to perfection. He is a dedicated... (Wedding Videography)

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    Xpression Video Productions
    46 Wedding Videography Toronto (Ontario)

    Xpression Video Productions is a Toronto-based company that specializes in wedding videography. This film production boutique uses a documentary and cinematic approach to shoot wedding stories. Xpression Video Productions' films are artistic yet full of raw emotion, which is what a wedding day is... (Wedding Videography)

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    LaPointe Productions
    23 Wedding Videography Toronto (Ontario)

    LaPointe Productions is a Toronto-based company that specializes in cinematic-style wedding videography for your special celebration. Whether you want coverage for your engagement, local wedding or even destination wedding, they have the confidence and skills to make your wedding film shoot an... (Wedding Videography)

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    Eric Yu Photo+Cinema
    15 Wedding Videography Toronto (Ontario)

    Eric Yu Photo+Cinema is a professional wedding videography company that services couples getting married in Toronto, GTA, Oakville, Hamilton, Kitchener, Waterloo, and internationally. They are visual storytellers with an artistic approach to films that leave you warm and fuzzy inside when you watch... (Wedding Videography)

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    R5L Weddings
    7 Wedding Videography Mississauga (Ontario)

    R5L Weddings is a Mississauga-based company that specializes in shooting high quality films and photo for weddings and other events in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. This company is a division of Redd 5 Luke Films, known for their short films and feature productions. This experienced team will... (Wedding Videography)

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    YEG Wedding Video
    1 Wedding Videography Edmonton (Alberta)

    YEG Wedding Video specializes in films that authentically represent the signficance and joy of your nuptials. With a team of professional cinematographers, they strive to tell the story of the newlyweds in a way that represents their bond in a natural, candid and loving manner. They are dedicated to... (Wedding Videography)

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    J&C Media
    3 Wedding Videography St. Albert (Alberta)

    Based out of St. Albert, Alberta, J&C Media specializes in producing spectacular audio visual keepsakes of your special day. They enjoy using a cinematic style while still staying true to the personalities of the newlyweds. They consider it important to facilitate a warm and professional... (Wedding Videography)

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    Life Studios
    52 Wedding Videography Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Life Studios is a company that specializes in professional videography services for weddings that create films with a creative style and cinematic approach. The team at Life Studios treats every production with the utmost passion and keen eye for the details... (Wedding Videography)

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    Final Phase Productions
    1 Wedding Videography Winnipeg (Manitoba)

    Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Final Phase Productions is a business owned by freelance videographer, Denis Ankrah. The team captures weddings with a fresh perspective, so that their clients can relive their special day over and over again. Their work depicts a mix of cinematic, documentary, and... (Wedding Videography)

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    4 Wedding Videography Calgary (Alberta)

    NextEpisodeProduction is a Calgary-based company that specializes in professional videography services for weddings and special events. The team caters to all types of weddings and religions including Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Christian, Iglesia Ni Cristo, Hindu and Sikh. Established in... (Wedding Videography)

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    Reel Reflection Studios
    Wedding Videography Medicine Hat (Alberta)

    Reel Reflection Studios is a Medicine Hat-based videography company that specializes in shooting weddings and events with a special romantic quality to all their videos. All those loving moments, event the goofy ones that make their special mark on your day, everything will be solidly captured.... (Wedding Videography)

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    Chili Pepper Productions
    7 Wedding Videography Pickering (Ontario)

    Chili Pepper Productions is a Pickering-based videography company that specializes in creating amazing wedding films that will take you back to that special day. Sometimes photo collections are simply not enough. Having a video you can enjoy over and over again that recreates the beautiful moments... (Wedding Videography)

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    TreeBark Cinematography
    7 Wedding Videography Toronto (Ontario)

    TreeBark Cinematography shoots wedding videos in cinematic, documentary, short form, and storytelling styles. Being born near the coast, cinematographer Eric Lin has always felt humbled by its breathtaking beauty and he attempts to recreate these feelings of tranquility and serenity in his work. He... (Wedding Videography)

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    In Between Dreams
    4 Wedding Videography Vancouver (British Columbia)

    In Between Dreams is a Vancouver-based company that specializes in providing high quality videography services for brides and grooms who are getting married. As each couple and wedding is unique, so are the visual stories behind the love they share. By combining the beauty of nature with short form,... (Wedding Videography)