Wedding Services

From the invitations to the music, it's really the little things that make your wedding pop. Need help? We've got all the tips and tricks you need to know to make every detail magical and memorable.

Wedding Flowers

How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers

Ready to start crafting bouquets and centerpieces? Not so fast. Choosing your flowers is a process. If you need help getting the job done right, here are a few tips.

Wedding Decoration

Wedding Centerpieces 101

Need a master class on centerpieces? We’ve narrowed down everything you need to know about arrangements to help you out.

Photography & Video

Wedding Videography Checklist

Want to preserve your big day on film? Make sure your videographer gets everyone (and everything) important by passing along this checklist.

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Bouquets 101

Don’t know whether to go with roses or rhododendrons? Have no idea what a biedermeier bouquet is? We’re here to help.

Wedding Music

How to Pick the Right Wedding Ceremony Music

Music helps set the tone for your entire ceremony, so your tracklist should be crafted to suit you perfectly. Here’s the lowdown on wedding ceremony music to help with your planning process.

Wedding Registry

9 Major Wedding Registry Don’ts

Ready to set up a wedding registry? We’ve got etiquette tips and advice to make the wedding gift experience great for you and your guests.


9 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Transportation Vendor

From insurance to vehicle capacity to a back-up plan, there’s a lot you’ll want to know before hitting the road.

Wedding Music

5 Major Wedding Music Don’ts

One thing you really don’t want to risk messing up at your wedding? The music. Here’s everything you need to avoid.

Invitations & Stationery

The Anatomy of a Wedding Invitation

Having trouble figuring out what goes inside your wedding invites? We’ve compiled a list of all the enclosures you may want to include to help you out. Hint: It’s way more than just a save the date card and envelope.

Wedding Music

How to Choose Between a DJ and a Band

Ready to pick your wedding playlist? Here’s what to consider when deciding between a DJ and a wedding band.

Invitations & Stationery

6 Things You MUST Do Before Sending Out Your Wedding Invitations

From proofreading to postal stamps, here’s everything you’ll need to do before sending out your invites.

Wedding Decoration

5 Major Wedding Reception Decor Don’ts

Here are a few things that you should avoid at all costs when choosing your wedding reception decorations.

Invitations & Stationery

5 Ways to Cut Wedding Invitation Costs

Wedding invitations can be pretty costly. Here’s how to save a few dollars when purchasing your own.

Wedding Registry

The Ultimate Wedding Registry Checklist

From classic gifts to honeymoon experiences, here is the ultimate list of items to consider adding to your wedding gift registry.

Photography & Video

How to Make an Epic Save the Date Video

Skipping the stationery for your save the dates? Here’s everything you need to know before you set out to make a video.

Wedding Registry

Wedding Registry 101

Make your wedding guests love you even more! How and why modern couples should stick to the tradition of registering for wedding gifts.