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33 Adorable Fall Engagement Photo Ideas

Fall in love with these couple poses, location inspo and engagement outfits for your autumnal engagement photo shoot.

Fall engagement photo idea

When the leaves start turning to brilliant orange, red and yellow in Canada, it's the perfect time of year for romantic fall engagement photos. We've rounded up our favourite autumn engagement photo ideas so that you can get the most out of your session in front of the camera. From fall engagement photo outfits and dramatic backdrops to cute engagement photo poses and autumn location ideas, there are lots of options for you to try with your photographer. So hop in the car and head to the country or take a stroll in a nearby park and you're sure to capture some adorable pics.

Here are our favourite fall engagement photo ideas.

1. Fall Harvest

If you're heading to the countryside for your fall engagement photos, celebrate the fall harvest with a corn field, apple orchard or vineyard as your location.

Fall engagement photo idea - corn fields

2. Bed of Leaves

Get yourselves nestled on a bed of leaves for an adorable overhead shot. We love this cheek-to-cheek pose with a couple of leaves in the foreground.

Fall engagement photo idea - lying down in the leaves

3. Engagement ring close-up

Choose a few colourful leaves as a prop for a close-up shot of your engagement ring.

Fall engagement photo idea - ring close-up on leaves

4. Hiking trail

A meandering hiking trail is a sweet and simple backdrop from a fall engagement photo.

Fall engagement photo idea - hiking trail

5. Among the Trees

Step into the forest for a beautiful photo among sun-dappled trees.

Fall engagement photo idea - among the trees

6. Pop of Purple

When it comes to choosing fall engagement photo outfits, take inspiration from this purple top shot against a background of soft yellow leaves. P.S. This pose is also great for showing off that engagement ring. 

Fall engagement photo idea - pop of colour

7. Blue Skies and Autumn Leaves

Even overcast skies can look beautiful in fall engagement photos, but if it's a sunny day, head up to a lookout area where you can capture the autumn colours and blue skies overhead.

Fall engagement photo idea

8. Dancing in the Field

We love the soft neutral palette of this image that puts a focus on the bride taking a little twirl among the grasses. Also, take inspiration from their coordinating fall engagement photo outfits that are slightly on the dressier side.

Fall engagement photo idea - dancing in a field

9. Rustic Barn Doors

If you're heading to a farm for your fall engagement photos, take a shot in front of a weathered wood barn or shed for a rustic backdrop. This is ideal if you're planning a barn wedding, too. Use this image as your wedding website cover photo

Fall engagement photo ideas - rustic barn doors

10. Strings of Lights

Create a romantic ambience with strings of lights placed among grasses or fall foliage.

Fall engagement photo idea - strings of lights and grasses

11. Bring a Blanket

A blanket is another wonderful addition. Not only will it add a pop of colour, you can also use it to sit on or to cozy up.

Fall engagement photo idea - plaid blanket

12. Textile Backdrop

Your blanket or a scarf can provide a soft surface to display your engagement ring for a fall-themed close-up.

Fall engagement ring photo idea

13. Golden Hour

Schedule your photo shoot for late in the day to take advantage of the golden hour. 

Fall engagement photo idea

14. Painted Sky

If you are blessed with a sunset, the pink and blue sky will blend together beautifully with the fall colours for a magical scene.

Fall engagement photo idea at sunset

15. Simply Sensational

A spectacular tree in an orange hue, like this one, provides an autumnal backdrop that puts the focus on you. 

Fall engagement photo idea - orange leaves

16. Dramatic Rocks

Your fall engagement photos don't have to feature fall foliage. This rocky landscape with just a few fallen leaves, creates a dark and dramatic setting.

Fall engagement photo idea - on the rocks with Blanket

17. Earth Tones

Speaking of colour palettes, this fall engagement photo location offers a painterly quality with a landscape featuring bands of earthy tones and various textures. 

Fall engagement photo idea

18. Black and White

For fall engagement photos with a different tone, ask your photographer to process a few photos in black and white.

Fall engagement photo idea - black and white

19. Apple Picking

If you're a little camera shy, plan an activity that will give you plenty of opportunities to interact with your partner, such as apple picking.

Fall engagement photo idea - apple orchard

20. Horseback Riding

Or, share the spotlight with some beautiful creatures and saddle up for some photos on horseback. 

Fall engagement photo idea - horseback riding

21. Holding Leaves

Planning a fall wedding? We love this fall engagement photo idea for a save-the-date and wedding website cover photo. Bonus: Here are 37 Awesome Fall Wedding Ideas.

Fall engagement photo idea - holding maple leaves

22. Tree-lined Street

There are many beautiful tree-lined streets in Canada that look lovely in fall. Run down the street together under the canopy of leaves for a sweet shot.

Fall engagement photo idea - in the city

23. Action Shot

Obviously, you'll want some engagement photos that show your faces in full engagement bliss, but an artistic action shot may be a favourite photo to hang on your wall.

Fall engagement photo idea

24. Far, Far Away

An image taken from a distance also has display potential. Whether you're in a beautiful park, strolling in a vineyard or out in a farmer's field, make yourselves a small part of the beautiful landscape. 

Fall engagement photo idea

25. Aerial View

Have your photographer take to the skies with a drone camera for spectacular aerial-view engagement photos.

Aerial-view engagement photo idea

25. Down on One Knee

If you're planning to pop the question while out in nature, ask a photographer to meet you at "the spot" to capture the big moment on film. Bonus: We've gathered up the most romantic places to propose in Canada to help you out.

Fall engagement photo idea - proposal in nature

26. Among Snapshots

If part of your proposal plan is to decorate your location with snapshots documenting your love story, be sure to snap a few shots among them.

Fall engagement photo idea - among snapshots hanging in the forest

27. Depth of Field

We love the unusual perspective of this fall engagement photo captured with grasses in the foreground and a pumpkin patch in the background for an interesting soft focus effect.

Fall engagement photo idea - grasses and pumpkin patch

28. Fall Reflection

Even a rainy day can spark creative fall engagement photo ideas, like this one capturing the couple's reflection in a puddle surrounded by fallen leaves. 

Fall engagement photo idea - reflection in a puddle

29. Walking the Dogs

Coordinate your fall engagement photo outfits to match your fur babies and the landscape for a cohesive and dreamy portrait.

Fall engagement photo idea - walking the dogs

30. On a Bridge

Seek out a hiking trail with a foot bridge for a romantic engagement photo setting.

Fall engagement photo idea - on a bridge

31. Go Local

If your favourite local spot has played a starring role in your relationship, put it on full display as the backdrop for your engagement shoot. Be sure to take some cozy shots inside, too.

Fall engagement photo idea - coffee shop

32. Urban Vibe

Want to give your engagement photos more of a city vibe? Take to the streets for an urban backdrop. In this photo, the grey sky, damp pavement, autumn trees and eclectic outfits come together for a fashionable, fall photo

Fall engagement photo idea - urban vibe

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