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27 Essential Engagement Photo Poses for Couples to Try

Ready to shoot your engagement photos? Here are the poses you absolutely need to try during your session.

Engagement photo pose

Ready to take some pics to celebrate your engagement? Of course, you are! While you’re probably a natural when it comes to taking photos with your fiancé(e) there’s a good chance this is your first professional shoot together. We’ve rounded up our favourite engagement photo poses to help you nail each and every shot. P.S. this is a great opportunity to do a trial run with your wedding photographer, so take advantage of the opportunity!

Here are the essential engagement photo poses for couples to try.

The classic kiss

Of course, we have to kick things off with the most iconic engagement shoot photo pose of all: the classic kiss. This looks great up close and from afar, so ask your photographer to get a few different options.

Engagement photo pose - classic kiss

The stroll

Take a lil’ stroll and get your photographer to follow along with their camera, snapping as they go. You don’t have to strut like models to get some absolutely magical pics.

Engagement photo pose - the stroll

The dip

Do a little dip to show off your Dancing with the Stars-style moves. Don’t worry you don’t have to be seasoned pros for this engagement pose to look amazing.

Engagement photo pose - the dip

The forehead-to-forehead

Stand with your foreheads touching and close your eyes. If you really savour the moment it’ll come across in your photos so enjoy this moment of stillness.

Engagement photo pose

The pickup

This engagement photo pose is just straight-up cute and deserves a spot in your album. Ask your partner to raise you up in the air and look into their eyes for an adorable, playful shot.

Engagement photo pose - the lift

The dog walk

Got a four-legged friend? Bring them along to be a part of your engagement shoot, after all, they’re an important member of your family.

Engagement photo with dog

The almost kiss

Stand nose-to-nose and look into each other’s eyes while your photography snaps away. This is a cute engagement photo pose that’s a little less PDA-ish than an actual makeout sesh.

Engagement photo pose

The sweet embrace

Ain’t nothin’ like a hug! Everything from cute embraces to full-on bear hugs are totally acceptable poses for engagement shoots.

Engagement photo pose - the sweet embrace

The coffee date

Choose your favourite coffee shop for your engagement photo location and ask your photographer to play paparazzi as you enjoy your americanos.

Engagement photo pose in coffee shop

The piggyback

Not a super serious couple? This playful pose will be right up your alley!

Engagement photo pose - the piggyback

The heel pop

A heel pop is an engagement pose that never goes out of style AND will draw attention to whichever pair of cute shoes you’re rocking.

Engagement photo pose - the heel pop

The hand hearts

Sure hand hearts are a little cheesy, but what better time to amp up the cheese-factor than at your engagement shoot?

Engagement photo pose - the hand hearts

The dance

Consider this the first dance before your real first dance! It’s a great time to give your favourite moves a trial run and get some sweet candid shots for your engagement album.

Engagement photo pose - dancing in a field

The palm message

Write a little message on your palm and then show it to the camera while you share a kiss with your fiancé(e).

Engagement photo pose

The hug from behind

This adorable engagement shoot pose allows you to intimately embrace AND get both of your faces in the frame — a real win-win.

Engagement photo pose - hug

The skate

If skating is your idea of the perfect date, bring your photographer along and have them shoot photos of you while you glide across the ice. P.S. if you’re sports lovers, we've also got these 5 Epic Sports Themed Engagement Photo Ideas

Engagement photo pose - skating

The proposal

Your photographer may not have been at your proposal, but you can do it all over again for the cameras at your engagement shoot. Don’t be surprised if you get emotional all over again!

Engagement photo pose - proposal

The library

This one’s for you, bookworms. Head to your local library and get your photographer to take photos of you leafing through books in the stacks. Word to the wise: you’ll want to choose a time when your library is not super busy so that you don’t get any accidental photobombers.

Engagement photo pose - the library

The boat

If you live by an ocean, river, or lake, take advantage of the water by getting a few shots in a boat. These always come out looking gorgeous!

Engagement photo pose - the boat

The wizards

Give your engagement photos a magical twist by posing with a pair of wands (or particularly photogenic sticks). Don’t worry, muggles can do this, too.

Engagement photo pose - the wizards

The record date

Are the two of you total music junkies? Take a trip to your local record shop and snap some photos with the vinyl.

Engagement photo pose - record store

The relaxed at home

Stage your engagement photo shoot at home for intimate and relaxed photos captured in your natural habitat.

Engagement photo pose - at home on couch

The close but far

You don’t need to be touching, hugging, and smooching in all your engagement photos. Take some time apart to get a sweet shot like this.

Engagement photo pose

The stair sit

Got a gorgeous staircase in your neighbourhood? Take a seat and let your photographer work their magic as you pose it out.

Engagement photo pose on stairway

The lie down

If you want to shake things up a little, ask your photographer to get an aerial shot of the two of you lying down. It looks very movie poster-esque!

Engagement photo pose - lying down

The save the date

Want to kill a few words with one stone? While doing your engagement shoot include a few shots with a prop that says your wedding date. You can send your favourite of the bunch out as your save the date before your wedding invitations so your guests can know when the main event will go down.

Engagement photo pose - save the date

The engagement ring pic

Obviously, you want to get a picture of your sparkler! Ask your photographer to get a close up of the two of you holding hands to get that money shot.

Engagement photo pose - engagement ring

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