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Wedding Decoration

Get inspired by our decoration ideas to make your big day truly one-of-a-kind. Signage, centerpieces and rentals, you can find the latest decor trends here and adapt them to your wedding style.

Wedding Decoration

20 Unique Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

Once you’ve perfected your reception seating arrangement, you’ll need to figure out how to let your guests know where to sit. Here are some stylish wedding seating chart ideas.

By Diane Hall, 05/01/21

Wedding Decoration

10 Creative Ways to Use Mirrors in Your Wedding Decor

There’s no doubt about it, reflective decor is some of the most stunning. If you need a bit of inspo, here are a few ways to incorporate mirrors into your wedding decor.

By Alice Prendergast, 11/12/20

Wedding Decoration

12 Creative Place Card Ideas for Weddings

Plain paper wedding place cards work fine, but why not flex your creative muscles a bit more? Here are a few of our favourite non-traditional ideas.

By Alice Prendergast, 30/11/20

Wedding Decoration

11 Table Centerpiece Ideas for Every Style of Wedding

Ready to start working on the table centerpieces for your wedding? Here’s a bit of inspo for every theme and style of celebration.

By Alice Prendergast, 05/11/20

Wedding Decoration

9 Vase Alternatives Worthy of Your Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

Working on creating some dreamy tablescapes? You’re going to need the perfect rustic wedding centerpiece vessels to finish ‘em off.

By Alice Prendergast, 23/10/20

Wedding Decoration

12 Fireplace Wedding Decor Ideas We’re Absolutely Obsessed With

Trying to figure out how to work a fireplace into your wedding decor? We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites to help you out.

By Alice Prendergast, 15/10/20

Wedding Decoration

26 Stunning Wedding Ceiling Decor Ideas

Look up! Dress your ceremony and reception venues with eye-catching wedding ceiling decor. From extravagant to budget-friendly, we’ve got ideas for every wedding theme.

By Diane Hall, 08/10/20

Wedding Decoration

11 Creative Ways to Decorate with Wedding Bunting

Love the look of wedding bunting? Here are a few fun ways to use it at your celebration, from stationery to seating charts and beyond.

By Alice Prendergast, 06/10/20

Wedding Decoration

9 Creative Ways to Use Wedding Lanterns

Light up your ceremony and reception venues by incorporating a few glowing wedding lanterns into your decor.

By Alice Prendergast, 05/10/20

Wedding Decoration

14 Creative Ways to Use Ribbon Decorations in Your Wedding

After flowers, ribbon is probably the most popular decorative item at celebrations, and weddings are no exception. Let's have a look at how to get the most out of this material.

By Diane Hall, 30/09/20

Wedding Decoration

5 Ways to Amp Up Your Wedding Altar

Want to turn your wedding altar from drab to fab? Make it special by adding a few of these decorative touches.

By Alice Prendergast, 24/09/20

Wedding Decoration

14 Gorgeous Lantern Wedding Centerpieces

Want to brighten up your reception tables with some stunning lantern wedding centerpieces? You’ll totally want to steal these ideas.

By Alice Prendergast, 04/09/20

Wedding Decoration

5 Creative Ways to Use Love Song Lyrics in Your Wedding Decor

Take your wedding decor to the next level by using lines and verses from some of your favourite songs.

By Alice Prendergast, 14/08/20

Wedding Decoration

Wedding Seating Chart 101

Ready to get to work on your wedding seating chart? Here’s a crash course with everything you need to know.

By Alice Prendergast, 11/05/20

Wedding Decoration

10 Wedding Decorations You Can Ditch If You’re Having a Minimalist Wedding

Want to skip all the bells and whistles and opt for a minimalist wedding theme? Here’s all the extra stuff that you can probably forego for your big day.

By Alice Prendergast, 10/04/20

Wedding Decoration

12 Wedding Ceremony Accessories That Double as Decor

Your wedding ceremony accessories don’t need to be boring! In fact, we think they should be as pretty as the rest of your wedding decor.

By Alice Prendergast, 09/04/20