Wedding Reception

The wedding reception is where the party really starts. It's where you and your guests will celebrate your 'I dos' with drinking, dancing, mixing and mingling. Find out how to choose the best venue for you, plan your reception timeline, and of course, how to choose the menu.

Speeches & Traditions

How to Write a Maid of Honour Speech

Add a pinch of sentimentality, a dash of cringe-worthy storytelling and some well wishes and you’ve got the perfect maid of honour speech.

Food & Beverage

12 Questions to Ask a Caterer

Catering can make or break your reception. Find out if your caterer is up to the task by asking these important questions.

Food & Beverage

5 Ways to Serve Pasta at Your Wedding

If your favourite foods include mac ‘n’ cheese, spaghetti and meatballs and fettuccine alfredo, you should probably be serving pasta at your wedding.

Cake & Sweets

How to Cut Your Wedding Cake Like a Pro

Cutting your wedding cake isn’t as easy as it sounds! Here’s everything you need to know to get the job done like a pro.

Places to Celebrate

10 Stunning Vancouver Restaurants Worthy of Your Wedding

Looking for the perfect eatery for your Vancouver wedding? Here are a few of our favourite restaurant venues around the city.

Food & Beverage

5 Ways to Serve Cereal at Your Wedding

Cereal can be way more than just an easy breakfast or midnight snack - here are a few of our favourite ways to serve it.

Food & Beverage

7 Thanksgiving-Inspired Appetizers for Your Cocktail Hour

Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving food? Here are a few traditional dishes that have been transformed to fit your wedding cocktail hour.

Cake & Sweets

Wedding Cakes 101

Selecting the perfect confection is definitely the tastiest aspect of wedding planning. Here are a few tips that’ll help you get the cake of your dreams.

Food & Beverage

5 Ways to Serve Fries at Your Wedding

Fries can be way more than just a side dish. Here are a few twists on the classic drive thru dish that’ll make them worthy of your wedding menu.

Places to Celebrate

7 Stunning Toronto Museums Worthy of Your Wedding

Looking to give your guests a blast from the past on your big day? Host your wedding at one of these stunning museums.


5 Major Wedding Favour Don’ts

Choosing your wedding favours can be tough. We’ve put together a list of all the major don’ts so that you get yours right.

Speeches & Traditions

How to Nail Your Thank-You Speech

Trying to get your thank-you speech just right? Let this be your guide to delivering some serious props.

Food & Beverage

5 Coffee Cocktails Worth Serving at Your Wedding

Looking for the perfect signature drink to add to your wedding menu? Give your guests a little pre- or post-dinner pick me up by serving up some caffeinated cocktails.

Food & Beverage

How to Pick Your Wedding Menu

Before the revelry kicks off, you’ll want to supply your guests with a solid meal. Filling your reception with top notch dishes is important, so here are a few things to remember.

Cake & Sweets

Preserving Your Wedding Cake

Have your wedding cake and eat it too (a year later). Here are tips for freezing the delicious top tier.

Food & Beverage

5 Ways to Cut Wedding Catering Costs

Wedding catering is usually a couple’s biggest wedding expense, so you’ll want to scrimp and save where you can.