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Wedding Reception

The wedding reception is where the party really starts. It's where you and your guests will celebrate your 'I dos' with drinking, dancing, mixing and mingling. Find out how to choose the best venue for you, plan your reception timeline, and of course, how to choose the menu.

Places to Celebrate

21 Outdoor Wedding Venues in Toronto With a View

If you’re in the market for a picturesque location to tie the knot, we’re here to help. Here are a few outdoor wedding venues in Toronto that boast breathtaking views.

By Alice Prendergast, 13/07/20

Places to Celebrate

6 Gorgeous Garden Wedding Venues in Vancouver

Want to say your vows while surrounded by beautiful blooms? We’ve rounded up the most gorgeous garden wedding venues in Vancouver.

By Alice Prendergast, 03/07/20

Food & Beverage

7 Iconic Canadian Dishes to Serve at Your Wedding

Canadians have created some pretty mouthwatering dishes. We suggest that you add a few to your wedding menu?

By Alice Prendergast, 29/06/20


5 Ultra Canadian Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Love

Want to give a nod to your Canadian heritage with your wedding favours? Here are a few of our favourite options.

By Alice Prendergast, 29/06/20

Cake & Sweets

5 Canadian Desserts You Should Be Adding to Your Wedding Menu

French macarons and Italian cannolis may be sweet, but why not add some Canadian desserts to your spread for a bit of homegrown flavour?

By Alice Prendergast, 26/06/20

Speeches & Traditions

How to Nail Your Wedding Thank-You Speech

Trying to get your wedding thank-you speech just right? Let this be your guide to delivering some serious props.

By Alice Prendergast, 13/05/20

Cake & Sweets

13 Drip Wedding Cake Ideas We’re Totally Obsessed With

In desperate need of some wedding cake ideas? Here’s a roundup of trendy drip dessert designs that’ll help you come up with something ultra-dreamy.

By Alice Prendergast, 07/05/20

Speeches & Traditions

Wedding Speeches: Who Gives Them?

Once everyone has made it into the reception, it’s time for speeches to begin. So, who exactly makes a toast? We’ve got the lowdown.

By Alice Prendergast, 14/04/20

Places to Celebrate

9 Amazing Small Wedding Wedding Venues in the GTA

If you’re considering hosting a small wedding in the GTA, these intimate wedding venues around Toronto will be right up your alley.

By Alice Prendergast, 26/03/20

Places to Celebrate

10 Amazing Small Intimate Wedding Venues in Ontario

Thinking about shrinking your guest list and hosting a small intimate wedding in Ontario? Here are some venues you may love.

By Alice Prendergast, 12/03/20

Food & Beverage

How to Create Wedding Menu Cards

Here are the essential tips and tricks for crafting the perfect wedding menu cards for your reception.

By Alice Prendergast, 10/03/20

Places to Celebrate

The Ins and Outs of a Wedding Venue Walkthrough

Wondering who should be tagging along on your venue walkthrough, what to expect, and when it should be scheduled? We’ve got the answers for you (and more) right here.

By Alice Prendergast, 27/02/20

Places to Celebrate

7 Awesome Small Wedding Venues in Hamilton

Thinking of skipping the huge celebration and opting for something a bit more intimate? Here are a few awesome small wedding venues in Hamilton that will fit the bill.

By Alice Prendergast, 27/02/20

Cake & Sweets

8 Essential Wedding Cake Questions Answered

Ready to start working on your wedding cake? Here’s everything you need to know about your big day’s star confection.

By Alice Prendergast, 21/02/20

Speeches & Traditions

How to Nail Your Father of the Bride Speech

Need help prepping for your moment in the spotlight? We’ve got a few helpful tips and tricks for your father of the bride speech.

By Alice Prendergast, 19/02/20

Speeches & Traditions

7 Tips for Giving a Joint Wedding Speech

Need help penning a joint wedding speech? Follow these rules and you should have no trouble coming up with something amazing.

By Alice Prendergast, 05/02/20