Wedding Reception

The wedding reception is where the party really starts. It's where you and your guests will celebrate your 'I dos' with drinking, dancing, mixing and mingling. Find out how to choose the best venue for you, plan your reception timeline, and of course, how to choose the menu.

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6 Ways to Serve S’mores at Your Wedding

Adding s’mores to your wedding menu will make your event even tastier. Here are a few of our favourite ways to serve the classic campfire snack.

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25 Types of Wedding Reception Venues in Canada

On the hunt for your perfect wedding reception venue? Here are some of the most popular style options that our fair country has to offer.

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5 Ways to Serve Macarons at Your Wedding

Plan on serving everyone’s favourite French sweet at your wedding? Here are all the amazing way you can showcase macarons.

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5 Drop Dead Gorgeous Jasper Wedding Venues

Want to tie the knot in one of Alberta’s most beautiful alpine towns? Here are some of the best wedding venues Jasper has to offer.

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Where to Get Wedding Cakes in Kelowna

Wondering where to get a wedding cake in Kelowna? You’re sure to fall head-over-heels for the sweet treats in these bakeries.

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5 Ways to Serve Burgers at Your Wedding

Looking for the perfect dish to add to your wedding menu? Why not turn to the humble hamburger for help?

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Wedding Cakes 101

Selecting the perfect confection is definitely the tastiest aspect of wedding planning. Here are a few tips that’ll help you get the cake of your dreams.

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How to Create Wedding Menu Cards

Here are the essential tips and tricks for crafting the the perfect wedding menu cards for your reception.

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The 10 Most Popular Types of Wedding Venues

When choosing a wedding venue, you’ll need to think about the venue’s location, size, and style. Here is a list of some of the most popular types to get you started.

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25 Things You Shouldn’t Say In Your Wedding Speech

Finished penning your wedding speech? Take a quick read-through to make sure you didn’t add in any of these.

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6 Tips for Decorating Your Wedding Sweet Table

Your wedding sweet table is one of the most important displays at your reception. Here’s how to make it shine.

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Your Complete Wedding Bar Shopping List

Ready to start stocking your wedding bar? Here’s everything you’re going to need, from booze to bottle openers.

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9 Signs You’ve Found the Perfect Wedding Venue

Think you’ve found the perfect wedding venue that ticks all the right boxes? Here’s how you know that you’ve actually stumbled upon “the one”.

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The Top 14 Breweries for a Wedding Reception in Canada

Looking to book a reception location with some real Canadian flavour? Check out these brewery wedding venues for hosting an industrial chic celebration.

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5 Tips for Putting Together Your Wedding Dessert Display

Trying to put together a killer wedding dessert display? Here are five things you really need to know.

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7 Geometric Wedding Cake Ideas We’re Totally Obsessed With

If you’re looking for some trendy wedding cake ideas with a bit of geometric flair, this list has all the inspo you could ever need.