We'll let you in on all the healthy routines that will make you shine brighter than ever on your wedding day. Get skin that glows, hair that shines and the energy you need to enjoy the entire wedding planning journey.


How to Get in Shape For Your Wedding

So you want to be in the leanest, meanest condition of your life for your wedding day? Here are a few tips to get in shape for your your wedding.

By Alice Prendergast, 04/01/21


24 Ways to Treat Yourself During Wedding Planning

If wedding planning starts taking over your life, it’s time to take a step back. Here are a few of our favourite things to do when you need a little “me time”.

By Alice Prendergast, 03/06/20


23 Signs You Need to Take a Break from Wedding Planning

These are telltale signs that you’re headed for a bridal breakdown, so it may be time to pump the brakes on planning.

By Alice Prendergast, 11/10/19


10 Ways to Reduce Wedding Planning Stress

Feel like you’re on the verge of becoming a bridezilla or groomzilla? Here’s a few ways to reduce wedding planning stress.

By Alice Prendergast, 13/09/18


6 Ways to Deal With a Stressed-Out Bride or Groom

Is your soon-to-be married pal on the verge of a meltdown? Here’s how you can help a stressed-out bride or groom.

By Alice Prendergast, 11/09/18


How to Avoid Getting Sick on Your Wedding Day

You don’t want to be under the weather on your wedding day! Here’s how to avoid getting sick before the main event.

By Alice Prendergast, 03/04/18


8 Ways to Reduce Stress the Week Before Your Wedding

Has wedding planning started to get to you? Make time to reduce stress and give yourself a little TLC before your big day.

By Alice Prendergast, 21/03/18


How to Create a Wedding Diet Plan

Think you’re in need of a diet overhaul? There are a few simple habit changes that’ll help get you in shape and away from the drive thru fries.

By Alice Prendergast, 21/02/18


How to Be a Bride-ZEN-a Instead of a Bridezilla

Are you becoming a bit of a bridezilla when it comes to planning your wedding? Here’s how find your inner zen.

By Alice Prendergast, 23/02/17


10 Ways to Fight Being “Hangry” on Your Wedding Day

Hanger can get the best of you even on your wedding day - here’s how to avoid getting too hungry to function.

By Alice Prendergast, 21/02/17


7 Times You Should Take a Break From Wedding Planning

Starting to become a bit of a bridezilla or groomzilla? It’s probably time to take a step back from wedding planning.

By Alice Prendergast, 20/02/17


How to Prep to Party All Night Long at Your Wedding

You don’t want to be the first person to hit the hay at your own wedding, here are some tips on prepping for the long night ahead.

By Alice Prendergast, 02/02/17


How to Stay Healthy for Your Wedding

Staying healthy for your wedding involves more than just putting down that remote and stepping away from the chicken nuggets. Here’s the lowdown for getting in good shape for your big day - mind, body and spirit.

By Alice Prendergast, 21/11/16


6 Ways to De-Stress While Wedding Planning

Are you feeling the burden of wedding planning stress and not sure how to unwind? We rounded up a few activities that are perfect stress relievers! Check them out below:

By Jacqueline Tynes, 17/08/16