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How to Stay Healthy for Your Wedding

Staying healthy for your wedding involves more than just putting down that remote and stepping away from the chicken nuggets. Here’s the lowdown for getting in good shape for your big day - mind, body and spirit.

Over the next few months you’ll be busy making calls, arranging appointments and running errands (along with all your day-to-day duties), so health can easy slide its way onto the backburner. But don’t let it! Aside from helping you fit into your immaculately planned wedding ensemble, keeping your health regimen in check will also alleviate some stress. If you need a helping hand with putting your routine together, read on.

Here are some tips on staying healthy for your wedding.

Make an exercise plan
First thing’s first: commit to working out a few times a week. Dread pumping iron at the gym? No biggie. There are plenty of other activities available. Whether you want to swim a few laps at your local rec centre, go on hikes and walk to work, hit the courts for a few games of tennis or learn to pole dance, it’s up to you. Not only will this help tone your muscles, it’ll also relieve some of that wedding planning stress. Buckle down and use your calendar, agenda or iPhone to sort out your priorities.

Switch up your diet
If you’re looking to shed a few pounds, you may have to kiss charcuterie boards and wine nights goodbye for a little while. It’s A-OK to indulge every now and then, but sticking to a diet that’s rich in lean proteins, whole grains and an abundance of fruits and veggies is the way to go. It’s also a good idea to swap those gin and tonics for water - alcohol is full of empty calories.

Try new things
You know what they say, “variety is the spice of life”. Well, I highly suggest applying this rule to your diet and workout regimen. If you’re devouring mountains of kale and forcing yourself to lift weights at the gym, life can get pretty dull. Try shaking up your diet with cuisines from around the world and vary your workout with fun activities like rock climbing, acroyoga and trampolining.

Get some expert advice
Don’t know where to begin? There’s no shame in asking for help - in fact, we recommend it. Scheduling a couple of classes with a personal trainer will teach you the correct form (which is essential for preventing injuries and getting the most out of your workout) and let you know just how much your body is capable of. You may also want to look into seeing a nutritionist - especially if you plan on drastically changing your diet. They’ll give you all the tips and tricks on eating right and help you work inside your food budget.

Team up
If you’re not already a fitness junkie, going it alone can be tough. Enlist a few members of your wedding squad or your soon-to-be spouse to go on this journey with you. This will keep things fun, give you a bit of friendly competition and help take your mind off your burning muscles. Go to the gym, book group workout classes, do P90X at home or try using YouTube fitness tutorials to guide you (there are tons for everything from yoga to dance to pilates).

Stay mentally fit
Being healthy doesn’t just mean eating right and staying physically fit - you’ll need to give your brain some TLC, as well. Set aside some time to do some meditating (apps like Calm and Headspace are good free options), practice yoga or get a massage (any activity that calms your mind will do). Not only will this benefit your body, but it’ll help you stay zen as you plough through appointments, tastings, fittings and more.

Don’t stop after your big day
While you may be tempted to quit the gym and head to the closest Harvey’s drive-through after your wedding day - try your best to fight those urges. Sure, it’s fine to slow your roll a bit after you’ve tied the knot, but consider all the progress you’ve made. Feel free to sneak in a cheeseburger now and again, but think about sticking to your regimen for the long haul.