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Are you feeling the burden of wedding planning stress and not sure how to unwind? We know the planning process is filled with a whirlwind of tasks to complete, but it’s always a good idea to sit back and relax every now and then. We’ve rounded up a few activities that are perfect stress relievers! Check them out below.

Spa Day

Whether you decide to go with your S.O., your friends or by yourself, a trip to the spa can leave you feeling recharged and ready to tackle any hectic task, like your guest list or seating chart. (maybe link to those tools here). Opt for a couples massage or get a new polish on your toes, you’ll love the relaxed and rejuvenated you!

Retail Therapy

It’s totally okay to treat yourself every now and then. So definitely take a break from planning and go on a little shopping spree. Buy a new top for date night or indulge in a new handbag for your everyday wear. Hitting the shops can get your mind off the hustle and bustle of planning and you’ll end up with something cute and new to wear, too!

Take a Class

Sign up for a cooking, calligraphy course or even a ceramics class where you can get away for a little and learn a new skill. It will give you something to look forward to and get your mind off of any wedding planning stress.

Plan a Girls’ or Guys’ Day

Get together with your friends or someone you haven’t caught up with in a while for lunch, coffee or drinks. A good day with your friends can always lighten up your mood. Socializing will help your overall mood more than staying cooped up figuring out wedding details.

Have a Movie Night

Go check out the latest comedy at the movies, or opt for a movie night at home. Don’t forget the popcorn and candy for a night that’s quiet and wedding-planning free.

Dinner Date

Plan a night where you and your S.O. go to your favorite restaurant. If you love to cook, make dinner at home. Make sure you stick to one rule: no wedding talk! You’ll love spending the night together eating your favorite foods and discussing other topics.