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Wedding cakes: check price, availability, request quote and get the best deals on wedding cakes for the perfect slice to celebrate your marriage. Choose from a complete listing of wedding cake creators and specialized bakeries that offer a multitude of flavours and fillings for the most spectacular, sugary centerpiece at your reception.

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    Over The Top Cakes
    7 Wedding Cakes St. Albert (Alberta)

    From simple, to elegant, to Over The Top...let us design your perfect cake! (wedding cake)

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    LauraBella Treats . . . when custom counts!
    69 Wedding Cakes Stony Plain (Alberta)

    LauraBella Treats... when custom counts! is a boutique cake studio located in Stony Plain. They specialize in creating custom cakes and treats for your wedding or special event. By using only the best ingredients, including Chocolatierie Bernard Callebaut™ chocolate, their award-winning designer... (wedding pastries)

    Number of guests 999 to 999

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    La Casa Dolce
    Wedding Cakes Mississauga (Ontario)

    Let your creative juice flow and express yourself any way you like, after all it is your wedding and chances like this don't arise too often. La Casa Dolce are artists who will help you bring your dream wedding cake to life with Italian craftsmanship and family run care and personalisation. Since... (wedding bakeries)

    Number of guests 2 to 2000

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    Gateaux Maliniak
    1 Wedding Cakes Montreal (Quebec)

    Gateaux Maliniak is a Montreal-based company that specializes in everything sweet for weddings and other special events. From delectably beautiful wedding cakes that can be the sweet centerpiece at your reception to cupcakes and a variety of other desserts. The products are hand crafted, baked with... (wedding bakery)

    Number of guests 8 to 300

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    Say it with Cake
    7 Wedding Cakes Abbotsford (British Columbia)

    Say it with Cake is an Abbotsford-based company that specializes in creating delicious cakes for weddings and other special occasions. Tim and Heather Garofano are the owners and creative duo behind this cake business. They offer a range of flavours and fillings to suit any taste. From classic... (wedding bakeries)

    Number of guests 50 to 1000

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    Melanie's Cakes
    6 Wedding Cakes Newmarket (Ontario)

    Melanie is the mastermind behind the delectable creations of Melanie’s Cakes. She is passionate about creating works of art that not only look great but also taste heavenly. She works with you personally to create a cake design that meets your party needs and cake budget. This baker serves... (wedding bakery)

    Number of guests 10 to 500

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    Reddy Made Cakes & Supplies
    Wedding Cakes Abbotsford (British Columbia)

    Reddy Made Cakes & Supplies is an Abbotsford-based company that specializes in deliciously creative wedding cakes that are completely made from scratch. Each order is treated with love and attention, from their tasty fillings to their sculpted fondant. They use only high quality, natural ingredients... (wedding cakes)

    Number of guests 5 to 2000

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    Rosi's Bakery
    1 Wedding Cakes Waterloo (Ontario)

    Rosi's Bakery is a Waterloo-based company that specializes in creating fabulous custom cakes and other desserts for weddings and other special occasions. Having worked with some top clients in the area, the team's baking expertise is noticed in the creation, design and especially in the moist and... (wedding bakeries)

    Number of guests 30 to 2000

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    Just Cakes
    7 Wedding Cakes Abbotsford (British Columbia)

    Just Cakes is an Abbotsford-based company that specializes in creating spectacular wedding cakes and custom dessert that will match any wedding theme. The cakes aren't just baked and iced, they are sketched and developed into the mouth-watering products they result in. Using only the freshest... (wedding bakeries)

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    Just Temptations
    162 Wedding Cakes Vaughan (Ontario)

    Just Temptations is a company located in Mississauga and Vaughan that specializes in creating the most heavenly wedding cakes found in the GTA. Not only are they perfect on the outside, but their moist and rich flavours and fillings can be combined in infinite ways to create your perfect cake.... (wedding cake)

    Number of guests 1 to 2000

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    Forever Cakes
    3 Wedding Cakes Calgary (Alberta)

    Forever Cakes is a Calgary-based company that specializes in creating delicious cakes for weddings and a host of other special occasions. Whether you want to leave your wedding cake in their expert hands or are in the mood to order some cake pops as wedding favours, they have the cake solutions to... (wedding pastries)

    Number of guests 15 to 500

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    Simply Sweet Ltd
    2 Wedding Cakes Calgary (Alberta)

    Simply Sweet Ltd is a Calgary-based company that specializes in creating decadent cakes for weddings and other special events. Krista Kienitz is the owner, cake designer and pastry chef behind Simply Sweet. She has undergone numerous professional cooking programs and perfected her techniques through... (wedding pastry)

    Number of guests 10 to 1000

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    Yvonne's Delightful Cakes
    6 Wedding Cakes Calgary (Alberta)

    Based out of Calgary, Alberta, Yvonne´s Delightful Cakes is proud of its delicious creations. This cake shop offers a multitude of exquisite options for any celebratory event. They are committed to baking the highest quality products with your input to make sure you get the exact dessert that you... (wedding cake)

    Number of guests 50 to 1000

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    Cakes With Attitude
    84 Wedding Cakes Calgary (Alberta)

    Cakes With Attitude is a Calgary-based company that specializes in creating wedding cakes that are visually stunning and delicious at the same time. All cake creations are made from scratch, using the highest quality ingredients with their fillings, icings and toppings. This company cares about... (wedding bakeries)

    Number of guests 20 to 2000