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Wedding catering: check prices, menus, availability, request quotes and get the best deals on wedding catering. Whether you want food stations, cocktail bars, buffet style or a traditional sit-down dinner, wedding catering services offer a wide array of menu options for you to choose from.

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    EdgeCeptional Catering
    3 Wedding Catering Vancouver (British Columbia)

    When you choose Edge Catering as your wedding caterer, you are partnering with professionals dedicated to creating a day that is unique and personal. You and your guests will have an experience nothing short of "EdgeCeptional". with outstanding food that truly reflects the passion of Edge Catering's... (wedding caterers)

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    White Table Catering Co.
    8 Wedding Catering Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Located in Abbotsford, British Columbia, White Table Catering Co. specializes in bringing amazing meals and high quality service to weddings and other special occasions. Always committed to excellence, this team's approach to great catering will create memorable celebrations. Although based in the... (wedding food)

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    The Lazy Gourmet
    5 Wedding Catering Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, The Lazy Gourmet is a leading catering company that specializes in providing quality food options for weddings and other special events. Since 1979, owner Susan Mendelson has been providing deliciously sustainable menu options with the highest level of service... (wedding food)

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    All Spiced Catering
    9 Wedding Catering Vancouver (British Columbia)

    All Spiced Catering provides mobile catering services for events of all sizes and varieties. All of their menus and dishes are crafted for you, designed to accommodate your needs. All Spiced Catering uses fresh, in-season, locally grown and produced food. Started in 2010, they have been supplying... (wedding caterer)

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    Savoury Chef
    17 Wedding Catering Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Savoury Chef is a Vancouver-based catering company that specializes in creating high quality, bite size delicacies for weddings and other events. This high-end catering business uses only local market-fresh ingredients for their custom creations. Bursts of flavour in every bite and satisfied guests... (wedding caterer)

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    Culinary Contessa Catering Co.
    1 Wedding Catering Blackstock (Ontario)

    Located in Blackstock, Ontario, Culinary Contessa Catering Co. is a business that specializes in creating the finest organic culinary experience in the area for weddings and other special events. Owner and Chef Tanya Prodanovic started this business in 2013 and has been creating nutritious and... (wedding caterer)

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    Fiesta Creative Catering
    34 Wedding Catering New Westminster (British Columbia)

    Fiesta Creative Catering is a New Westminster-based company that specializes in full service catering for weddings and special events. They know that great catering requires more than just tasty food, it must be provocative and appealing to all the senses. From your eyes, to your smell and right... (wedding food)

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    Niagara Gourmet
    9 Wedding Catering St Catharines (Ontario)

    What will you remember about your wedding? If Niagara Gourmet has its way, you and your guests will remember the wonderful food, freshly prepared with the finest ingredients and served by knowledgeable, caring staff, long after the flowers fade. Let this company create a custom menu for your wedding... (wedding food)

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    The Rustic Gourmet
    5 Wedding Catering White Rock (British Columbia)

    The Rustic Gourmet is a premier catering company located in White Rock, British Columbia. Their services range from intimate dinner parties to large catering events. They are committed to using only the freshest, local produce available in the market. Their passion however is weddings and the... (wedding food)

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    Red Seal Dining
    5 Wedding Catering Calgary (Alberta)

    Red Seal Dining is a Calgary-based company that specializes in creative catering services for weddings and other special events. Their menus are not only delicious and use the highest quality ingredients, but they are also fully customizable. Create the wedding menu you want according to your taste... (wedding caterers)

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    Durham Homestyle Gourmet Catering
    6 Wedding Catering Port Perry (Ontario)

    Durham Homestyle Gourmet Catering is a Port Perry-based company that specializes in delicious catering services for weddings and other special events. With comprehensive wedding packages that will suit any taste and budget, your wedding menu can be tailored according to specifications and any... (wedding caterer)

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    Hawley Crescent Culinary Services
    1 Wedding Catering Whitby (Ontario)

    Hawley Crescent Culinary Services is a Whitby-based company that specializes in on and off site catering services for weddings and other special events. Chef Roger is responsible for creating the delectable bites and customized menus that will suit your dietary needs and available budget. If you or... (wedding food)

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    Elizabethan Catering Services
    22 Wedding Catering Spruce Grove (Alberta)

    Elizabethan Catering Services Ltd. is a Spruce Grove-based catering company which specializes in giving you and your guests the fine dining experience they deserve. Food is an integral element of any great wedding celebration, a detail that must never be handled lightly. Afer all, how can your... (wedding caterers)

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    Little Red Catering Co.
    2 Wedding Catering Newmarket (Ontario)

    Little Red Catering Co. is a catering company operating in Newmarket, Ontario. They provide many delicious fine dining types of American, British, French, Italian, local and Mediterranean food which work great for any gathering, large or small, casual or formal. In addition to servicing nuptials,... (wedding caterer)