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Winery weddings: check price, menu, availability, request quote and get the best deals on wineries with lush vineyards, lawns and spectacular sunsets which provide a beautiful backdrop for wedding celebrations of any size.

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    Summerhill Pyramid Winery
    10 Winery Weddings Kelowna (British Columbia)

    Summerhill Pyramid Winery is a Kelowna-based venue that specializes in hosting dreamy wedding ceremonies and receptions by its lovely vineyards. Great service, award winning wines, exceptional cuisine and a stunning location are all the ingredients a perfect wedding needs, and Summerhill fits the... (winery weddings)

    Number of guests 1 to 250

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    Serenata Guesthouse & Vineyard Retreat
    Winery Weddings Penticton (British Columbia)

    Serenata Guesthouse & Vineyard Retreat is a wedding and special event venue located in Penticton, British Columbia, about an hour south of Kelowna, British Columbia. Their winery and vineyards provide a beautiful garden atmosphere for any wedding ceremony or reception. The venue is equipped to host... (winery weddings)

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    Hernder Estate Wines
    5 Winery Weddings St Catharines (Ontario)

    Hernder Estate Wines is a St Catharines-based venue that specializes in providing a spectacular setting that combines both indoor and outdoor spaces for weddings and other events. Located in the heart of Niagara's Wine Country, this winery venue is open 7 days a week throughout the year. You can... (winery wedding)

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    E'Laysa Guesthouse and Vineyard Retreat
    Winery Weddings Penticton (British Columbia)

    If you're looking for a picturesque location to get married in with your life partner, then E'Laysa Guesthouse and Vineyard Retreat is the name you're looking for. With fantastic views of the Lake Okangan and elegant and luxurious accommodations, E'Laysa Guesthouse and Vineyard Retreat gives you the... (winery wedding)

    Number of guests 15 to 150

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    Jabulani Vineyard & Winery
    Winery Weddings Richmond (Ontario)

    Please feel at home amongst our fields and take a tour with us around our dream-come-true. This is the culmination of a long road of planning and hard work and we invite you to share in the enjoyment of the final product. Enjoy tasting our products at our wine patio which over looks the vineyard... (winery wedding)

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    Living Water Organic Vineyard
    Winery Weddings Kelowna (British Columbia)

    My husband Bruce and I purchased this fabulously located 6-acre Okanagan property in 2007. The purchase actually took place while on a 5-day Easter weekend on the beaches of Maui. After researching soil, grape choices and a 4-day Viticulture Course, we planted a vineyard, built a carriage suite with... (winery weddings)

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    Coopers Hawk Vineyards
    Winery Weddings Harrow (Ontario)

    Coopers Hawk Vineyards is a Harrow-based venue that specializes in providing you with a beautiful setting amongst lush vineyards for a unique wedding celebration. This winery offers an exclusive atmosphere where you can host a great reception as well as kick back and relax with their award-winning... (winery wedding)

    Number of guests 25 to 120

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    Gillis of Belleisle
    Winery Weddings Springfield York Co (New Brunswick)

    The winery sits on the grounds of a nineteenth-century farm. This farm was originally a dairy operation, so Gillis of Belleisle is continuing a long-standing tradition of working with the land. The winery sits where the original farmhouse was and part of this beautiful building was converted into a... (winery weddings)

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    Le Cep d'Argent
    Winery Weddings Magog (Quebec)

    Le Cep d'Argent is a lovely winery venue located in Magog, Quebec, which specializes in providing a great setting amongst vineyards for celebrating weddings and other special occasions. If you want to experience champagne and sparkling wines with stunning views of Lake Magog, then Le Cep d'Argent is... (winery wedding)

    Number of guests 30 to 225

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    Beavercreek Winery
    Winery Weddings Lawrencetown (Nova Scotia)

    Beavercreek Winery is a Lawrencetown-based venue that specializes in hosting winery weddings since 2014. If you are looking to celebrate a rustic-style wedding surrounded by lovely vineyards in a natural outdoor covered setting, then Beavercreek is a great option for you. The splendid surrounding... (winery weddings)

    Number of guests 40 to 250

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    Sawdust City Brewing Company
    Winery Weddings Gravenhurst (Ontario)

    Sawdust City Brewing Company is a Gravenhurst-based venue that specializes in providing a unique setting for weddings and other special events. If you love beer and the slightly informal ambience of a brewing company, then this place is ideal for celebrating your big day. Celebrate a different kind... (winery wedding)

    Number of guests 20 to 55

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    Church & State Wines
    2 Winery Weddings Brentwood Bay (British Columbia)

    Church & State Wine is a 120-acre estate located in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia. It is an ideal and beautiful location for both big and small gatherings. Church & State is known for its West Coast architecture and wraparound deck, which allows guests to truly get to enjoy the vineyard. It is a... (winery wedding)

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    Cherry Point Estate Wines
    Winery Weddings Cobble Hill (British Columbia)

    Situated on the south eastern side of Vancouver Island where one can see the idyllic rolling green hills that burst with life as well as majestic mountains and serene rainforests. Amongst all this beauty sits the Cherry Poin Estate Wines, a tranquil vineyard that acts as an ideal setting for a... (winery weddings)

    Number of guests 25 to 99

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    Vineland Estates Winery
    10 Winery Weddings Vineland (Ontario)

    Vineland Estates Winery is a superb venue located in Wineland that is ideal for hosting weddings and other events. This venue is not only perfect for small weddings but it also doubles as a touring facility and picturesque wine country destination. Its professional staff will work with you to... (winery wedding)

    Number of guests 10 to 56