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    Canvas Montreal Reception Loft
    Loft Weddings Montreal (Quebec)

    Canvas Montreal Reception Loft is a beautiful venue located a short 10 minutes away from downtown Montreal and the West Island. Aiming to offer couples a different approach to wedding receptions, the loft provides a city environment that is both modern and vintage. It has been in business since... (Loft Weddings)

    Number of guests 50 to 150

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    District 28
    Loft Weddings Toronto (Ontario)

    District 28 is a Toronto-based venue that specializes in providing a spacious loft in the heart of downtown's Studio District. This venue comes complete with a bar, bistro and top notch catering service, so no event is left with loose ends to tie. What was once an abandoned warehouse, has been... (Loft Weddings)

    Capacity 700

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    York Mills Gallery
    7 Loft Weddings Toronto (Ontario)

    The elegant and quirky York Mills Galleries, located in midtown Toronto, offers an urban industrial loft-style space that is available to host wedding and other types of events. A background of windows, classic drapery and brick as well as industrial age beams frame this spacious 22,000 square foot... (Loft Weddings)

    Number of guests 50 to 950

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    LOFT 123 Event Venue
    Loft Weddings St Catharines (Ontario)

    Situated in St. Catherines, Ontario, LOFT 123 Event Venue features modern and sleek spaces that are great for weddings of small to medium size. The versatile loft can be arranged and decorated according to the tastes and preferences of the future newlyweds. Their dedicated staff are passionate about... (Loft Weddings)

    Number of guests 10 to 100

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    Landyachtz Factory Store
    Loft Weddings Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Here at the Landyachtz Factory Store and Bicycle Repair Shop we host a variety of amenitys all under one unique roof. Home to a skateboard shop, bicycle repair shop, private indoor skate ramp, vintage arcade, out door courtyard and garden we pride ourselves in our ability to host a wide variety of... (Loft Weddings)

    Capacity 100

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    Gallery 345
    Loft Weddings Toronto (Ontario)

    Located in Toronto, Ontario, the shape and design of Gallery 345´s space makes it a great choice to host weddings, concerts, fundraisers, CD launches, recording sessions, parties, art shows and rehearsals. The gallery itself is on the first floor of a one hundred year old warehouse in the city´s... (Loft Weddings)

    Number of guests 50 to 120

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    LEVEL Furnished Living
    Loft Weddings Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Situated in lovely Vancouver, BC, Level Furnished Living offers their funished and luxurious apartments for wedding celebrations. They specialize in stays of thirty or more days and provide everything necessary for a short term rental. Guests can enjoy their spacious living quarters, in-suite... (Loft Weddings)

    Number of guests 5 to 80

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    Chali Rosso Art Gallery
    Loft Weddings Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Chali Rosso Art Gallery is a Vancouver-based venue that specializes in hosting weddings and other events in a unique space aligned with some of the best artwork from legendary artists. Imagine having your loft wedding surrounded by the works of Chagall, Dali and Picasso. This open concept art... (Loft Weddings)

    Number of guests 1 to 150

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    Arta Gallery
    Loft Weddings Toronto (Ontario)

    Arta Gallery is a Toronto-based venue that specializes in providing a modern and spacious setting for weddings and other special events. The flexible and versatile space has housed wonderful exhibitions and can easily be transformed to accommodate your loft style wedding. Conveniently located in the... (Loft Weddings)

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    Penthouse Event & Business Suite
    Loft Weddings Vancouver (British Columbia)

    Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, the Penthouse Event & Business Suite is an impressive loft style venue which offers a great location with amazing views for weddings and other special events. This unique and exclusive event space offers you and your guests a modern twist on traditional... (Loft Weddings)

    Number of guests 10 to 120

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    Luma Restaurant
    Loft Weddings Toronto (Ontario)

    Luma is a Toronto-based, high-quality restaurant that can accommodate many different types of wedding receptions and other events. It is located in Toronto, Ontario, and a part of Oliver & Bonacini services. The restaurant provides guests with a huge selection of food and beverages in a modern, city... (Loft Weddings)

    Number of guests 12 to 128

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    Maclaren Art Centre
    Loft Weddings Barrie (Ontario)

    The MacLaren Art Centre acts as a regional public art gallery in Barrie, Ontario and is also a fantastic venue for wedding celebrations. The gallery itself contains a permanent collection of 27,408 artworks and also shows world class exhibitions throughout the year. Family and friends can revel in... (Loft Weddings)

    Number of guests 1 to 200

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    Gallery Gora
    Loft Weddings Montreal (Quebec)

    Gallery Gora is a Montreal-based venue that specializes in providing a unique space for celebrating intimate weddings and other special events. This art gallery has a lovely space surrounded by artwork that can be used as a reception area. This venue gives off a loft style, urban feel to any event,... (Loft Weddings)

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    Latitude 53
    Loft Weddings Edmonton (Alberta)

    Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Latitude 53 is a hallmark of the art scene in the city. This not-for-profit centre, created in 1973, is a collective of Edmonton artists. They are passionate about encouraging thought provoking local, national and international visual art. For future newlyweds looking... (Loft Weddings)