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7 Times You Should Take a Break From Wedding Planning

Starting to become a bit of a bridezilla or groomzilla? It’s probably time to take a step back from wedding planning.

Cari Zhu Photography

Wedding planning can be overwhelming. With all the appointments, tastings and meetings it’s easy to get caught up. But, trust me, you’re gonna need a break or two along the way. If you’re at the point where you can’t tell your office space from your wedding planner’s studio, it’s time to take a step back and recalibrate.

Here are the times you should take a break from wedding planning.

When you’re on vacation
Vacations are for R&R, not stressing about wedding details. If you’ve planned any getaways during your engagement, leave your seating plans and agenda at home - you can organize them when you return.

When it’s someone else’s big day
You don’t want to rain on someone else’s parade by talking up your own wedding on their big day. You’d expect the same courtesy at your own, so just don’t do it! However, just because you’re not talking about it doesn’t mean you have to ignore your wedding completely (just be a bit sneaky). Friends’ weddings are great places to gather inspo for your own, so make a few notes on your phone about things you love.

When someone is celebrating a major life event
Celebrating your partner’s birthday? Going out to dinner to congratulate your sister on a big promotion? Do not sneak your planning supplies into the party. Heck, don’t even talk about your wedding at all. Let them have the spotlight for the evening, you’ll get plenty of attention on your big day.

When you start falling behind at work
When you’re at work be present at work. You still want a job to return to after you’ve said your vows, so don’t slack on your day-to-day duties. Sure, you can sneak in a bit of planning on your lunch break, but don’t let daydreams of snazzy centrepieces and veils make you lose sight of your job. Separate your work tasks from your planning duties by designating specific times to both and don’t stray outside of those boundaries.

When it starts stressing you out
Wedding planning should be fun. Sure, you’re bound to hit a few speed bumps along the way, but the overall process should be an enjoyable one. If you start feeling the same way about arranging flowers as you did about university exams (AKA terrified and anxious), it’s time to take a breather. The product of your labours will turn out so much better if you work on them while you’re happy.

When it starts consuming your life
With all the tastings, fittings and planning meetings it’s easy to forget about everything else in your life, but don’t let your wedding take over. If all you talk about at bestie brunches and on nights out is your big day, you’re gonna need to take a quick hiatus from planning and return to the real world. While your pals definitely care about your big day, they don’t need to hear about it 24/7.

When you lose sight of the big picture
Don’t forget what matters the most, the fact that you’re about to get hitched! Sure, fairytale weddings are awesome, but what really matters is the commitment you’re making. If you’re getting too caught up in the decorations and dresses you need to take some time to zero in on why you’re walking down that aisle.