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6 Ways to Deal With a Stressed-Out Bride or Groom

Is your soon-to-be married pal on the verge of a meltdown? Here’s how you can help a stressed-out bride or groom.


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Wedding planning is tough. Crafting a fairytale event takes a lot of hard work, dedication and time, so no wonder your friend (or family member) is getting a little stressed. So, what can you do for a stressed-out bride or groom? Actually, a lot. From lending a helping hand to being a welcome distraction, these little things might be just what the doctor ordered.

Here are some tips for dealing with a stressed-out bride or groom.

Offer a helping hand
A stressed-out bride or groom is probably nearing their breaking point because they have too much on their plate. This is totally understandable as they’re juggling their job, their wedding planning appointments and their other commitments, giving them next to zero downtime. Offer to take some of the burden off their shoulders by helping out with tasks like packaging favours or handling RSVPs. If they don’t want to give up control of any wedding-related stuff, you could always offer to help cook meals for them or babysit when they’re super busy. Seriously, every little thing counts.

Distract them
If wedding stressors have become everything your friend or family member talks about, it’s time to create a distraction. They need to let off some steam soon or they might become a bridezilla (and nobody wants that). Invite them over for a movie night, take them to a spa, go to the golf course or hit the mall for a bit of retail therapy. This will totally take their mind off of vendors and venues.

Share your wisdom
Have you already been a stressed-out bride or groom? Well, you’ve probably got a few tips and tricks of your own to share. Think about what helped you calm down when you were having a wedding freakout and act as their spirit guide to help them get through this rough patch. Note: even if you haven’t walked down the aisle yourself, you may know a few remedies for stress that might help them out. You can always suggest those, too!

Give them resources
No, you shouldn’t bombard them with emails filled with Pinterest links and quotes from wedding advice columns, but sending along one or two particularly insightful articles could help a stressed-out bride or groom. Maybe they’ve been ranting about their budget? Send them this. Or perhaps they don’t have a clue how to structure their ceremony? This link could be their saviour.

Keep calm
You know what stresses people out? Other stressed out people. Instead of vocalizing all of your own concerns, try to keep conversations on the positive side. Talk about all the great things they’ve already accomplished on their wedding planning journey instead of focusing on potential pitfalls. If they need to talk through an issue, let it happen, but don’t feed their anxiety. You want to be their cheerleader, not bring them down.

Shine a light on what’s important
Your friend is getting married! Yes, they are well aware of this fact, but you may have to remind them of the end game if they start getting overwhelmed by the nitty gritty details. After all, what really matters is their relationship, not the pretty flowers or food.

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