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Dad and Step-dad dance??
Casey of Wedding reception, Yesterday at 23:28

Hey all!So- my step-dad was the person who helped my mom raise me into who I am today, however, my biological dad (who's family I am very close to) and I are finally trying to repair our estranged...

Cheryl, a minute ago 1 message 4
diy Headtable backdrop
Jess of DIY, Yesterday at 19:08

Hey guys! I am looking for suggestions of DIY headtable backdrops. We are having our reception in a hotel banquet room but there is an ugly room divider our headtable will be in front of. I priced out...

Jennifer, yesterday at 23:46 3 messages 43
Bridesmaid dresses
Tristyn of Wedding fashion, Yesterday at 18:45

Hi! Just wondering if anyone has ordered bridesmaid dresses to be custom made on Etsy? If so what is the quality like? Or any suggestions on getting dresses made! Thanks!

Lydia, yesterday at 20:28 1 message 34
My Pet Peeve - Boundaries with Vendors
Brittany of Plan a wedding, Yesterday at 17:45

Okay so I'm just wondering if I am a crazy person, or if any of you brides out there feel the same way I do... When do vendors cross the line with being too invasive when replying to your inquiries?I...

Maya, yesterday at 23:54 11 messages 94
Keona of Plan a wedding, Yesterday at 15:52

So I see lots of people asking this... I wasn't going to do a hashtag, but if anyone has any great ideas, I might consider it! At the moment, I really can't come up with anything. Our names are Keona...

Keona, yesterday at 19:38 4 messages 33
Small ceremony and big party!
Joannie of Plan a wedding, Yesterday at 13:06

Hi everyone! My fiancé and I have been talking about the kind of wedding we want for a while now and we are not sure what to do. We don’t have a lot of money and we don’t want to go in dept for our...

Emily, yesterday at 20:58 23 messages 110

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