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Winter Wedding Flowers
Genis of Plan a wedding, Today at 18:34

Hi everyone! My fiance and I are planning a winter wedding for January 2019, we've just been told by a florist that the reality is that flowers aren't going to last long if our ceremony goes ahead...

Genis, 10 minutes ago 6 messages 35
diy Bouquets
Kathleen of DIY, On 26/February/2018 at 00:08

I’m designing my own bouquets of burgundy, white and blush flowers. How many people did this? Where is the best place to get fake flowers for an affordable price without making them look TOO fake?...

Tracy, 29 minutes ago 12 messages 119
Wedding Favours
Lindsay of Plan a wedding, Today at 13:28

Do you think wedding favours are a must? From what I have heard from most of my friends that have got married already are that most people forget about them and do no bring them home. Have any of you...

Catherine, 55 minutes ago 13 messages 96
So many things today!
Jen of Before the wedding, On 28/February/2018 at 11:40

My second hair trial (with a different hair stylist) is today! I'm SUPER nervous about it because the first one was horrible. I had it done the day of our engagement photos and had to go home right...

Jen, an hour ago 35 messages 253
Has anyone had Bridesmen?
Andie of Wedding ceremony, On 18/March/2018 at 08:43

So my wedding is still quite a ways away (411 days) but I’m getting worried/anxious because I’ve decided to have bridesmen instead of women (I’ve always been friends with guys instead of gals). I...

Andie, 2 hours ago 20 messages 129
Shower Fun!
Lisa of Before the wedding, Yesterday at 19:32

Had my shower Feb 25th and it was amazing! It was a CHANEL PARIS theme and I was so in awe! Loved every second!!!! My make up still freaks me out! I felt amazing!!!! Thought I would share the girly...

Lisa, 2 hours ago 21 messages 114

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