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Skin Care
Holly of Beauty, On 15/January/2018 at 15:49

Hey ladies, so I've always had issues with breakouts on my face. No matter how well I treat my skin it always seems to happen. What are some of the skin care products that you use? What helps with...

Holly, 8 minutes ago 14 messages 84
Brunch Reception
Stephanie of Wedding reception, On 15/January/2018 at 09:59

Hello everyone, It's been a crazy year for me with a major move across the province, changing jobs and getting to know the new city. Before the big move, I was planning a nice reception for about...

Lydia, 24 minutes ago 13 messages 97
What busted your budget?
Lynnie of Plan a wedding, Yesterday at 13:05

What was the first thing that made you go over (or decide to re-prioritize) your wedding budget? Did it happen right away or closer to the end of planning?:: Pinterest*****For more wedding budget...

Sarah, 51 minutes ago 19 messages 112
Bar problems
Kalene of Plan a wedding, On 15/January/2018 at 19:46

Okay so we have found the location for our bar. Originally we were having it in our church but my in laws have since found somewhere that has a room big enough to do it in there. It has a bar we are...

Kalene, 2 hours ago 9 messages 84
Bridesmaid dresses online
Ashley of Wedding fashion, Today at 17:23

Hello brides! I have been in a wedding before and when we went bridesmaid dress shopping at stores like davids bridal it was hectic! Has anyone ordered bridesmaid dresses online, and if so were they...

Ashley, 2 hours ago 6
Wedding logos
Tradingabyss of Plan a wedding, On 16/January/2018 at 23:09

I’ve seen so many gorgeous wedding logos lately but I’m super curious to see how they’ve been incorporated into the wedding! Share your photos of what you’ve used your logo for!

Tradingabyss, 2 hours ago 4 messages 34

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