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Budget-- are we crazy?!
Jordan of Plan a wedding, Today at 12:37

Okay y'all!! We want to plan a wedding for 100 people with $20,000 in Ottawa. Are we delusional?? My parents are laughing at us but we just don't want to spend more than we really have and do not want...

Lesley, 14 minutes ago 2 messages 16
Bridal shower
Ginela of Plan a wedding, Yesterday at 17:08

Hi everyone! One of my friends is hosting a bridal shower for me. My question is, is it appropriate to invite someone if she's not friends with the hostess? I mean they don't know each other. Or is it...

Loni, 32 minutes ago 11 messages 54
Bridal makeup trials
Becca of Beauty, On 16/May/2017 at 17:35

Hi Everyone!!Today i had my bridal makeup trial, it was very fun!!!! What do you think? Did you do a makeup/Hair trials?

Laura, 33 minutes ago 28 messages 132
How scared are you that it will rain on your wedding day?
Zoë of Wedding Tests, On 22/May/2017 at 07:05

Hi lovely brides-to-be Imagine the big day arrives . How do you feel when you wake up in the morning and you look outside the window and it's raining. From 0 to 10: How scared are you that it will...

Dani, 35 minutes ago 40 messages 160
Jessica of Before the wedding, Today at 08:31

So... awkward but I've been thinking about this recently, I've seen all the tricks of how to pee in a massiv ballgown... however... what about a corset, lace up, boned, extremely tight mermaid dress!...

Erin, 2 hours ago 10 messages 57
Grease themed weddings
Simone of Plan a wedding, Yesterday at 19:38

Hi everyone,For those who like the movie Grease, here are some wedding inspirations.

Simone, 2 hours ago 8 messages 30

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