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Flower Girl dresses
Samm of Wedding fashion, On 14/July/2019 at 16:18

Hi everyone! I have been looking and looking for flower girl dresses and have not been able to find any that we like. Any recommendations on where to look? We would like to stay away from ordering...

Amanda, yesterday at 22:18 11 messages 117
Registry Website
Teddie of Before the wedding, Yesterday at 21:34

Hi everyone! I am looking for information for a registry website that allows you to pull from different sites , as well as an option for cash gifts for our honeymoon fund. . I have seen a few options...

Teddie, yesterday at 22:45 2 messages 15
Jewellery with strapless gown??
Amie of Wedding fashion, On 12/July/2019 at 23:26

Hi everyone! My wedding is August 3rd and I’m wearing the dress pictured - the skirt will be worn for the ceremony only. I’m wondering what I should do for jewelry. My mom passed away in 2016 and I...

Sarah, yesterday at 21:59 12 messages 243
Feeding Vendors
Mystica of Wedding reception, On 13/July/2019 at 17:02

Are you guys planning to feed your vendors? If I were a vendor, I would want to get fed. But I mean... they’re already getting paid. What is customary, & what do you guys plan on doing?

Kathryn, yesterday at 16:36 13 messages 218
Photography Nightmare Come True
Michelle of Just Married, On 12/July/2019 at 18:43

My wedding was last weekend and our photographer just informed me one of the memory cards corrupted - the one with ALL our post-ceremony (family) photos! This means I may not have a single photo with...

Natasha, yesterday at 10:01 17 messages 425
“Saving” Your Date! Let’s hear all of the details!
Kelsie of Plan a wedding, On 8/July/2019 at 15:37

Hello fellow brides (and grooms!)! I'm quickly approaching our one year to go mark and I love reflecting back on all of the details surrounding choosing (or “saving”) our date! We knew we wanted a...

Chelsea, monday 15-Jul-19 46 messages 292

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