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How many times
Donna of Wedding reception, Yesterday at 20:27

Is it just me or what!!!! How many times have you all written out your Table arrangements Who's sitting where, no that's can't work, back to Square One. I have written mine out too many times. Still...

Bianca, yesterday at 22:20 2 messages 24
Rude to leave on honeymoon right away?
Kelly of Honeymoon, On 11/March/2019 at 13:44

My fiance and I just booked our honeymoon accommodations and we're stupid excited!!! We're taking a full 2 weeks, heading out to Banff, then Kelowna/Lake Country for some vinyard hopping, hiking,...

Kaisha, yesterday at 21:40 26 messages 218
Rent, Borrow, or Buy - Transportation
Joey of Plan a wedding, On 11/March/2019 at 07:05

Will you be riding in style on your wedding day in a large and/or luxurious rental? Borrowing a flashy ride for the day? If you're buying transportation for the wedding I want to hear more about...

Kaisha, yesterday at 21:36 29 messages 119
Rent, Borrow, or Buy - Signage
Joey of Plan a wedding, On 11/March/2019 at 07:05

Signs can be an indispensable help for your guests - welcoming them, designating reserved seats, pointing them to the guest book, directing them to the dance floor... Will you rent beautifully...

Kaisha, yesterday at 21:35 32 messages 181
Rent, Borrow, or Buy - Centerpieces
Joey of Wedding reception, On 11/March/2019 at 07:05

Will you rent centerpieces from a decorator or your venue to keep the stress to a minimum? Will you borrow some from someone recently married? Or will you be paying a pro to make some bespoke...

Kaisha, yesterday at 21:35 30 messages 134
Rent, Borrow, or Buy - Cake Topper
Joey of Wedding reception, On 11/March/2019 at 07:05

Will something special adorn the top of your cake? Where will you get it? Is this something you'll DIY, will you borrow a family heirloom, or will a vendor provide it for you?Will you rent, borrow, or...

Kaisha, yesterday at 21:34 29 messages 114

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