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What was the first decision you made for your wedding?
Lynnie of Plan a wedding, Yesterday at 13:05

What was the very first decision you made about your wedding? Was it then when or where? Was it who would be in your wedding party? Did you have your first dance song already locked down?What was the...

Francesca, yesterday at 23:15 19 messages 96
DIY Sand ceremony shadow box
Erika of DIY, Yesterday at 14:47

Hey darlings,I'm making my own sand ceremony shadow box. I'm at the point of needing to glue a picture to the glass. I'd like to glue it from the inside, but I don't know what type to use. Any...

Erika, yesterday at 21:31 5 messages 34
Groom's & Groomsmen's suits
Tori of Wedding fashion, Yesterday at 13:51

All right - what do I need to know??? lolWe just got word from one of my Bridesmaids that the store she works at is having a discount on suits (basically slashing the price in half), so we are going...

Hélène, yesterday at 20:29 11 messages 95
Second marriage
Sheena of Plan a wedding, Yesterday at 15:32

Hi all, Anyone else here planning a second (or more) wedding? I'm so excited to be planning again! How are you making it different this time around? What are you doing that is similar? How are you...

Hélène, yesterday at 18:13 3 messages 48
Bridal party anxiety!
Becky of Before the wedding, On 9/January/2019 at 16:24

Long post in advance!Some info first:I get married Sept 14, 2019Girls: my sister (MOH), best friend (MOH), his sister, my out west friend, groomsmen wife, recently added sistergroomsman wife- they are...

Elizabeth, yesterday at 16:58 16 messages 239
Kids Wedding Favours
Gabrielle of DIY, Yesterday at 09:14

Is anyone making different wedding favours for the kids at their wedding? We will have 7 children (ages 18 month to 10 yrs) at our wedding and would like to do something more kid-friendly for them.I...

Kim, yesterday at 15:22 8 messages 54

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