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Engagement photos outfit
Liana of Before the wedding, Yesterday at 19:00

I'm wearing this dress with flats for our outdoor engagement photos at a cherry blossom park. What should my partner wear to complement this? Help!

Casey, a minute ago 4 messages 38
It's 99 days away today!!!!
Lisa of Before the wedding, Today at 09:23

Sorry, just so excited that we are less than 100 days away now! Eeeek!

Tamara, 2 minutes ago 7 messages 21
Wedding party gifts
Michelle of Plan a wedding, Yesterday at 15:25

I鈥檓 paying to have hair and makeup done for my MOH and two bridesmaids. I don鈥檛 have a lot of extra money and was wondering what everyone is doing for gifts. Could hair and makeup be considered the...

Casey, 3 minutes ago 4 messages 35
Bachelorette in Mexico!! What currency to bring?
Natasha of Before the wedding, On 21/May/2019 at 12:29

I am leaving in a few days for my bachelorette in Mexico and I am so excited? Anyone who has travelled there recently? What currency did you bring and what are you currency recommendations? We are...

Tamara, 8 minutes ago 13 messages 60
Wedding day nails... again
Amanda of Wedding fashion, Yesterday at 09:59

ok.. I have 2 weeks to decide on my nails.. hellppppp.. I want something classy but still fun.. white or glittery.. these are the 2 trials I have done.. the white is one of my favourites and the tips...

Dionne, 13 minutes ago 18 messages 111
Gel or press on?
Emily of Beauty, Today at 08:02

Im looking for the best option when it comes to getting my nails done for the day of. keeping in mind we are paying for everything our selves and i'm not a big "nail" person question being...

Joey, 23 minutes ago 8 messages 38

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