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We tied the knot! It was magical!
Katrin of Just Married, Today at 16:03

Thanks for everyone's help on our journey! My wife (!) and I had the most amazing day and we are so thankful that it went so smoothly. Nothing drastic happened, it all went according to plan. It was...

Kelsie, 3 minutes ago 10 messages 41
How do I decide who gets a plus one?
Sabrina of Plan a wedding, Today at 12:51

My fiance and I are both inviting some childhood friends and our old coworkers who we are still close with who have long term significant others. The only problem is that we never spent any time with...

Kristin, 2 hours ago 13 messages 99
Best rewards card?
Alana of Plan a wedding, Yesterday at 19:13

My fiancé and I are hoping to get a credit card with some sort of rewards (possibly to put towards our honeymoon) and using it for all our big ticket items. Any recommendations?

Liarra, 2 hours ago 12 messages 95
Disney Wedding
Rebecca of Plan a wedding, Today at 12:53

Is anyone planning a Disney Fairytale Wedding or a Disney theme wedding? We are planning a Disney Fairytale Wedding on board a Disney Cruise Ship. I am curious if there is any others that are planning...

Miav, 2 hours ago 5 messages 27
Dress regrets
Carly of Wedding fashion, Yesterday at 17:12

So lately I've been feeling a little unsure of my dress. When I bought it I loved it but now I'm not so sure. Since I started wedding planning a year ago one of the few details I knew right away was...

Carly, 4 hours ago 10 messages 139
Cocktail Hour
Tiffany of Plan a wedding, Today at 14:05

Anyone here not doing a cocktail hour? Thoughts/benefits.....etc. We are considering not doing one so we are in need of advice. Thanks.

Ashley, 4 hours ago 4 messages 39

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