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Soup Bar
Karlee of Plan a wedding, Today at 07:18

I’m wanting to do the a soup bar for my Dec wedding. Can’t find much on Pinterest! What I thought about doing was having each person in the wedding party submit their favorite recipe for stew, chowder...

Vinod, 15 minutes ago 12 messages 70
Sammi of Wedding reception, Today at 09:07

I'm sturggling with supper siggestions. Like really struggling. Can anyone toss out suggestions. Thanks

Carly, 20 minutes ago 12 messages 54
Flower alternatives?
Erin of DIY, On January 24, 2020 at 22:52

Hi everyone - I'm looking for some guidance/suggestions! We are getting married in November, and I'm currently pricing flowers. I did anticipated a high cost, but it's still more than I was thinking....

Lee-Andréa, 46 minutes ago 17 messages 224
Pets and Weddings
Andreea of Plan a wedding, Today at 13:45

Hi everyone - I am so excited for my wedding but I can't help but worry about my little furry son. I want to include him but I know people will be running around and we will be too busy to transport...

Meaghan, 48 minutes ago 4 messages 31
Mother and son dance song (weird?)
Madisyn of Plan a wedding, Today at 14:33

My FMIL is currently trying to find the song for her and my FH to dance to. I can't help but feel like all of the songs she picks are overly "romantic" and too intimate... I also feel like the song...

Vinod, an hour ago 9 messages 60
Ring Bearer
Megan of Wedding ceremony, Yesterday at 23:18

Where did you have your ringbearer sit/stand during the ceremony? (we do not have a flower girl) We have debated having him stand with the bridal party as he is an adult (with down syndrome/autism) or...

Amy, 4 hours ago 7 messages 52

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