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Wedding Party: Yea or Nay?
Lynnie of Plan a wedding, On 12/November/2018 at 09:05

Will you have your closest friends and family standing up by your side? Or are you keep it simple and skipping the extra stress? Are you saying yea or nay to the wedding party?Photo by Stacie Lynn...

Vinod, 41 minutes ago 19 messages 58
Plus ones?
Tracy of Plan a wedding, On 10/November/2018 at 23:11

Having a hard time deciding who gets a plus-one option? I have a few cousins who have spouses/long term partners. Do I extend the option of bringing a plus-one to those that may have a...

Gina, 42 minutes ago 13 messages 158
Jessica of Plan a wedding, Yesterday at 13:06

Hi everyone! I am starting to decide on invites and organize all that goes with it (ie details card, RSVP card).Some of my guests will not be getting a plus one due to the size of our families. As...

Vinod, 43 minutes ago 2 messages 48
To invite or not to invite new coworker
Allison of Plan a wedding, Today at 13:40

Hey ladies, having a bit of a dilemma that hopefully can get some insight into! I work in a very small office - there are only 3 of us: me, the owner, and our new hire. This past month, my boss left...

Alexandra, an hour ago 4 messages 51
Cocktail Reception/ General advice
Sara of Wedding reception, On 12/November/2018 at 00:39

My fiance and I are planning a low key wedding and so thought a short outdoor ceremony (at the beach , right beside the restaurant) and a cocktail reception rather than a dinner would be good. I want...

Sara, 4 hours ago 6 messages 76
Cringey cutesy signs
Kelly of Plan a wedding, On 24/October/2018 at 16:34

Is anybody else completely over all those cutesy signs? I find myself rolling my eyes at them when I'm looking though inspo photos lol. I also think they're completely unnecessary. Its a dessert...

Linda, 5 hours ago 30 messages 349

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