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married 馃槏
Brittany of Just Married, Today at 11:37

Finally married. Best day ever. Thanks for everyone鈥檚 input!! 馃挏馃挏

Kim, 35 seconds ago 7 messages 18
Cake smash - I do or I don't?
Joey of Wedding reception, Today at 08:05

What's your opinion on a cake smash - totally cute, or way too messy for your wedding day? Have you and your SO talked about whether you'll do one?Will you keep it neat and sweet?Photo by P.S Forever...

Brittany, 29 minutes ago 8 messages 31
Details: Colour Palettes and Themes!
Allison of Plan a wedding, Today at 09:47

Way before I was engaged, I would go on Pinterest and look at different wedding colour palettes/themes (who else was guilty of this? ). There are so many to choose from that when I did get engaged,...

Allison, 46 minutes ago 4 messages 20
Tattoo Ring?
Jeannette of Wedding fashion, On 17/September/2018 at 20:34

I am a tattoo virgin, I have 0 tattoos. My FH has 7 and plans to have a full sleeve for our wedding. To the question of rings. I don't wear much bling. I have lost most of my jewelery including rings...

Genevi猫ve, 47 minutes ago 18 messages 116
Cricut machine
Amanda of DIY, On 16/September/2018 at 14:31

Hey, other diy brides! Just looking for some opinions on the Cricut machine before making the investment. It would be possibly used for other occasions other than the wedding, as I tend to do diy...

Jillian, an hour ago 11 messages 94
Tammy of Before the wedding, Today at 10:13

My wedding is in 3 days, and while most things are done for it. The stress seems to still be there. will the stress be there even while its going on or does is subside when you walk the aisle?

Melissa, an hour ago 2 messages 17

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