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We did it! What an amazing day!
Lisa of Just Married, Yesterday at 20:54

Wow! That's it! We are married. Photographer sent us a few sneak peaks so I thought I would share with you all. Happiest Day Ever! Thank you all for being a wealth of great ideas and for all the...

Tatiana, 2 minutes ago 23 messages 119
Suit, tux, or something else? Flaunt that formalwear!
Joey of Wedding fashion, Today at 08:05

What suit choices have you made for your wedding day? Show off your tuxes, suits, and non-traditional wedding day outfits here!Tuxedos?Photo by Stephanie Lemieux Photography in MontrealSuits?Photo by...

Amber, 7 minutes ago 4 messages 19
Did anyone hit a planning rut? How do i get back into it !?
Jessica of Plan a wedding, Today at 10:45

Im about 3 and a half months away from the wedding, a couple months ago we hit a lull in planning but now that we are getting closer that lull turned into a rut and I cannot get out of it. I know...

Jessica, 16 minutes ago 5
Avoiding your period
Nikki of Plan a wedding, On 15/May/2018 at 23:31

Hey ladies! I stopped taking birth control in October and since then my periods have been so unpredictable. Our wedding is still a long time away so there's definitely hope they'll become more...

Jessica, 26 minutes ago 26 messages 272
What's on your do not play list for your Dj?
Peggy of Wedding reception, On 16/May/2018 at 17:34

Most people have one - a list of songs that they don't want played at their wedding. What's on your list?

Breanne, 53 minutes ago 28 messages 207
When to send rsvp reminder?
Marc & Nicole of Before the wedding, On 14/May/2018 at 14:06

Hello, When is a good time to send out the reminder email about the wedding? Our RSVP due date is June 1 and there is over half guests still not responded? I plan on sending link again with some sort...

Marc & Nicole, 55 minutes ago 12 messages 96

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