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12 Creative Place Card Ideas for Weddings

Plain paper wedding place cards work fine, but why not flex your creative muscles a bit more? Here are a few of our favourite non-traditional ideas.

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Your wedding guests need to know where to sit, so place cards (or escort cards) are a definite must. While you could easily ask your stationer to print off a batch that matches your invitations, programs and menus, why not choose something a little bit more unique? From clothespins to geodes, we’ve got plenty of creative place card ideas for weddings that’ll make your place settings pop.

Here are a few of our favourite creative place card ideas for weddings.


Leaves come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and varieties, so you should have no trouble tracking down a type that fits your wedding theme. Going for an autumnal outdoor affair? A melange of red, orange and yellow maple leaves would look stunning. Or, do you want to infuse your wedding reception with some tropical flair? Faux magnolia leaves like these might be the way to go. 

LJ Design Company


Rocks may seem bland and boring, but, trust me, they have plenty of potential if you’re looking for creative place card ideas for a wedding with a rustic, woodland or garden theme. You can leave them plain for a more rustic look or paint them to fit in with your wedding’s colour scheme (if you’re down to DIY). We suggest going for a range of shapes and sizes to keep your spread looking interesting.

Lustre Events by Melissa & Morgan


If you like the idea of rocks, but want a bit more colourful creative place card idea, think about using geodes. Crystals are super on trend at the moment, so many home decor shops are selling them as coasters. These can easily be transformed into stunning wedding guest place cards with the help of a calligrapher or handy dandy Sharpie.

PaperOcelot Studios


If you like the rustic-chic minimalist look, clothespins might just be your perfect creative place card idea for your wedding. All you need to do is write your guests’ names on them and clip them to their napkins along with a herb sprig – simple, sleek and extremely budget-friendly. Alternatively, use a mini clothespin to clip a paper place card like this one.

Imagine Joy


Shells are the perfect table accessory for a beachy reception—and, good news, they’re pretty easy (and cheap) to come by. If you feel like giving yours a little extra oomph, paint the inside (or the entire shell) a shade that matches your wedding’s colour scheme.

PaperOcelot Studios


Want to combine a creative place card idea with your wedding favours? Go with plants! Pick your favourite bloom, green or cacti and pack it into a pot (you can usually get a good deal if you order in bulk or find them at the dollar store). Label the vessels with your guests’ names and, Voila! You have some fancy double duty name cards that look cuter than most paper options.

Laser-cut signs

This ultra-modern creative place card idea is a no-fuss, no muss option that your guests can hold onto after your reception wraps (they make for cute desk signs or home decorations). While they may be a bit more expensive than natural alternatives, like leaves or rocks, they’re totally worth the splurge if you’re going for a more modern theme.

Paper Panache Invitations & Design Ltd.

Light bulbs

This idea is definitely not traditional, but damn does it look cute. Recycle old light bulbs or head to your local hardware store to pick up some more interesting varieties. Paint your guests' names right onto them (like these ones) or print off stickers and place them directly onto the bulbs.

Via @luxeandluna


This simple idea is ideal for a rustic, fall or winter wedding, and best of all, pine cones are easy to find! Attach a kraft paper tag with a bit of twine and ta-da—you've got yourself a decorative place card.

Turn of Events

Marble tiles

Hit up your local tile store for some marble, glass, ceramic or porcelain pieces in a style to match your tablescape. Marble hexagonal tiles like these ones are a classy choice. Use your best penmanship or hire a calligrapher to write your guests' names in black, white or gold ink. Depending on the tile you choose, these can double as coaster wedding favours, too.

Cap Calligraphy

Toy figures

Looking for something a little quirkier for your place cards? Choose a selection of toys such as dinosaurs, lego pieces or action figures to prop up your place cards. This creative place card idea will sure to be an ice breaker too as your guests compare and play with their items.


Rock the transparent wedding decor trend and use acrylic place cards. Just remember to rest them flat or sit them upright on a place card holder against a dark backdrop to make a white decorative font legible.

Cloud 9 Designs

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