Planning Basics

You're engaged! Once you're done screaming it from the rooftops, there is work to be done. We want to help you stay on track of everything, so we're giving you our best wedding planning advice. From selecting the date for your big day to the latest wedding trends, you can find everything you need to know here.

Trends & Tips

The 2018 Wedding Trends That You Need to Know About

Want to know 2018’s wedding trend forecast? We’ve broken down the hottest styles for decor, theme, venue and more.


How to Help Your Groomsmen Save Money

Weddings are expensive and you don’t want your groomsmen going broke before the big day. Here’s how to help them cut costs and save a bit of money.


Envelope Addressing Etiquette

Ready to send out your letters? Well, first you’ll need to address them. Before you start haphazardly writing names on envelopes, read these tips.

Legal Paperwork

How to Get a Marriage License in the Territories

Make sure you do the paperwork to ensure that your northern nuptials create a legal bond. Here's how to get a marriage license.

Marriage Proposals

5 Ways to Personalize Your Marriage Proposal

Your proposal should be one of a kind. Here are a few things that will help give it that extra oomph.

Legal Paperwork

How to Get a Marriage License in Nova Scotia

Getting married in Nova Scotia? Make sure your union is legal by looking after this important detail.

Trends & Tips

6 Things Grooms MUST Do the Day of Their Wedding

From dressing the part to staying cool under pressure, here’s everything you need to do to get to the altar with as few speed bumps as possible.


9 Ways to Honour Loved Ones on Your Wedding Day

Here are some meaningful ways to memorialize someone on your big day, whether privately or publicly.

Legal Paperwork

How to Get a Marriage License in New Brunswick

Planning a wedding in New Brunswick? Make sure your union is legal by looking after this important detail.


The Ultimate Best Man Duties Checklist

Do you want to be the best man you can be? Follow these simple steps and you’ll be absolutely golden.

Trends & Tips

7 Things You Should Know About Your Wedding Day

Even after all the browsing for inspo, advice from friends and careful planning, there are some things that might surprise you.

Legal Paperwork

How to Get a Marriage License in Saskatchewan

Planning a Saskatchewan wedding? Make sure your to-do list includes “buy marriage license”. Here’s how to get one.


The Ultimate Maid of Honour Duties Checklist

Want to be the best maid of honour you can be? Here is a list of everything that should be on your radar.

Trends & Tips

Canadian Wedding Dates You Should Avoid in 2018 and 2019

Can’t decide on your wedding date? Before you blindly pick a spot on the calendar, you should know what days to avoid.

Marriage Proposals

How to Celebrate Your Engagement Without Throwing a Party

Engagement parties are definitely super fun, but there’s more than one way for you to celebrate a proposal.

Trends & Tips

How to Plan an Amazing Wedding Reception

Ready to start planning the perfect post-ceremony bash? Here are all the tips and tricks that’ll help you craft the celebration of a lifetime.