A Brit & A Blonde

The wonderful world of Instagram is filled with crazy acronyms that you may have resisted before your fiancé(e) put a ring on it. But now’s the time to embrace the hashtag and get your wedding trending. No, you don’t have to go wild and stack your caption with forty wedding-related words, but one or two couldn’t hurt. From #justsaidyes to #foodporn, this is where and when you should put Insta’s best tool (other than filters, obvi) to use.

Here are a few hashtags you should use while planning your wedding.

#justsaidyes: For your first pre-wedding posts.
#bridetobe (or #groomtobe): Because, duh.
#tbt: For when you take a romantic stroll down memory lane.
#(insert your bachelorette/bachelor hashtag here): For when you’re partying it up with your squad.
#weddingcountdown: For when you just can’t wait.
#nofilter: For when you want to show off how awesome your wedding is IRL.
#(insert your wedding hashtag here): For when the big day arrives.
#regram: For when one of your bridesmaids posts something cute.
#selfiesunday: For when you and your fiancé(e) are feelin’ yourselves.
#manimonday: For when you’ve found your perfect wedding manicure.
#blessed: For every photo leading up to (and on) your wedding day.
#dreamdress: For when you’re posting a sneak peek of “the one”
#weddinginspo: For when you’re crafting your vision.
#weddingfail: For when that Pinterest DIY doesn’t work out quite right.

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