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21 Awesome New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas

Planning on hosting your wedding on the last day of the year? Here are a few New Year’s Eve-worthy ideas for you.

New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas - champagne tower

New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas - champagne tower

New Year’s Eve soirees are awesome, but do you know what’s even better? A New Year’s Eve wedding. It gives you an excuse to really go wild and take your party to the next level. Speaking of which, we’ve got a few suggestions for you. From New Year’s Eve wedding reception decorations and dress suggestions to wedding stationery designs and menu tips, you’ll find it all here.

Here are a few awesome New Year’s Eve wedding ideas.

Clock-themed stationery

Once you’ve hammered out important details like your wedding venue and exact times for your ceremony and reception, you can get to work on your wedding stationery. We suggest going with a clock-themed design to give a nod to the holiday.

New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas - clock invitation

Bold wedding dress

Take your bridal ensemble above and beyond with a blinged-out or gold wedding dress. If ever there was a time to be a bit extra it’s your New Year’s Eve wedding.

New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas - Gold wedding dress

Gold wedding shoes

Complete your look with a pair of shiny wedding shoes. If you don’t do well in sky-high heels, you can always rock a pair of blinged-out Converse or boots, instead.

New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas - gold wedding shoes

NYE-worthy bridesmaid dresses

You want your squad to look as glam as ever on your big day, so ask them to wear shimmering, short party dresses instead of floor-length gowns. Your girls will look amazing and be able to bust a move on the dance floor without ripping any hems.

New Year’s Eve bridesmaid dresses

Clock altar backdrop

Because it’s NYE, everyone is bound to be watching the time. To make sure their eyes stay fixed on you (not their watches) during your ceremony, use a giant clock as your wedding altar backdrop.

New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas - Clock Altar


New Year’s Eve wedding decor is all about elegance and extravagance, so we suggest trading in your basic lighting fixtures for luxurious chandeliers.

New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas - Chandeliers

Cocktail-style catering

Skip the formal plated dinner and opt for cocktail-style catering for your New Year’s Eve wedding menu so that your guests can mix and mingle while they munch on canapés, sliders and bite-sized versions of their favourite foods.

New Year’s Eve Wedding Menu Ideas

Plenty of champagne

As for drinks, champagne (or sparkling wine) is an absolute must. We suggest adding a festive champagne-based cocktail to your menu, too, for something a touch more special.

New Year’s Eve Wedding Menu Ideas

Metallic wedding cake

Dress up your winer wedding cake in a celebratory metallic shade to make it really stand out among the other sweet treats on your dessert display. Bonus: Here are 7 Metallic Wedding Cake Ideas We’re Totally Obsessed With.

New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas - Metallic Wedding Cake

Clock centerpieces

Forget the floral centerpieces - use clocks as the prime decor for your reception tables so that everyone knows when the midnight hour is approaching.

New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas - Clock centerpieces

Glittering tablecloths

Amp up your tablescapes by opting for metallic tablecloths instead of plain ‘ol white linens for dazzling New Year’s Eve wedding decor. Pro tip: These can get pretty expensive if you’re hosting hundreds and hundreds of guests, so you may want to save them for important tables, like your buffet, dessert display and head or sweetheart table.

New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas - Glittery tablecloths

Party hats

Get everyone in the mood to celebrate by giving out party hats at your reception!

New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas - Party Hats


What’s a party without a wedding photobooth? Make yours NYE-worthy with a metallic or sequin backdrop and fun props like champagne glasses and party hats.

New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas - Photobooth


For celebratory New Year’s Eve wedding reception decorations, fill your space with balloons that match your colour scheme (gold, silver, white and black are super popular for NYE). If you want to go that extra mile, order number balloons that display the upcoming year and use them as the backdrop for your altar or head table.

New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas - Balloons


Light up the night by giving your guests sparklers to play with at your reception. You’ll definitely want your photographer around to snap pics - they look awesome on film.

New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas - Sparklers


When the clock strikes midnight, drop confetti and streamers on your guests to make the moment extra special.

New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas - Confetti

Glitzy candy

Make your sweet table sparkle with some glitzy, glittering candy that doubles as decor, like these gold rock candy sticks. P.S. they can totally serve double duty and act as wedding favours, too.

New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas - Glitzy candy

Champagne wedding favours

On the hunt for boozy wedding favours worthy of your NYE celebration? Itty bitty bottles of champagne will do the trick. You can even stamp them with your wedding monogram if you want to go take them to the next level.

New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas - Champagne wedding favours

Party dress code

There’s a good chance your guests don’t want to spend their NYE wearing conservative cocktail wear, so ask that they come party-ready. Make sequins, glitter and LBDs welcome at your wedding - but keep white off-limits, obvi,

New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas - party dress code


Make the grand finale to your New Year’s Eve wedding one to remember by painting the sky with fireworks.

New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas - Fireworks

Hangover kits

Your guests are guaranteed to have fun at your wedding, but they may wake up feeling less than blessed after a night of partying. Hand out hangover kits complete with water and Advil at the end of the night to help them out the next morning. Trust us, they’ll thank you.

New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas - Hangover kits

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