Uptown Parties & Balloons

Want to give your wedding day a healthy dose of whimsy? Add some balloon decorations! Whether you want to channel Up and incorporate a bevy of multicoloured balloons into your wedding photoshoot or use sleek and simple white ones to liven up your centerpieces, there are plenty of ways to put everyone’s favourite party decorations to work in your wedding decor! .

Here are a few creative ways to use balloons decorations at your wedding.

As photo shoot props

Using balloons as photoshoot props is a tried and true option. If you want to put them to use before the wedding, your engagement shoot makes for a great trial run. There are plenty of options to choose from, from giant balloons marked with “Mrs.” and “Mr.” to shiny foil initials.

Wedding of Sammy & Christine

To spruce up your altar

If you want turn your altar arrangements, arch or chuppah into something out of a fairytale, adding balloons is the way to go. You can easily add in linen or floral accents to make them even more dreamy.

Via @rockpaperdetails

As unique aisle markers

Wedding aisle markers are little details that can pack quite the punch if you do them right. While using pint-sized floral arrangements is the norm, we suggest getting a bit more creative with yours. Balloons decorations are a budget-friendly way to transform your aisle from bland to beautiful.

Via @belleballoons

To amp up your food stations

Your food stations or buffet tables could probably use a bit of prettying up. Sure, your cake and insta-worthy mains look stunning, but a few extra decorative flourishes go a long way. We love how this couple spruced their dessert table up with balloon decorations packed with greenery - super cute.

Via @moonshotballoons

To give your centerpieces that extra oomph

Don’t want to stick to traditional flower centerpieces? That’s totally fine! Add a few balloons to yours to make ‘em pop. Or, forego the flowers altogether for something truly unique. Bonus: swapping out blooms for balloons will save you a ton of money, so you can put more money into your dress or cake.

Via @glitterandglueparties

As wedding signage

Your wedding signage doesn’t have to be bland or boring. Use balloon lettering - or have text printed on giant balloons - to point your guests in the right direction. From trendy welcome signs like the this one to glossy table numbers, you can do a lot with them.

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