Melody Hilman Photography
Your Parent's Wedding Photos By Melody Hilman Photography
Tami McInnis Photography
A Favourite Toy or Game By Tami McInnis Photography
A Brit & A Blonde
An Umbrella By A Brit & A Blonde
Bake Photography
Chinese Tea Ceremony Cup By Bake Photography
Eyecontact Photography
A Bouquet of Balloons By Eyecontact Photography
Bake Photography
Vintage Shop Finds By Bake Photography
Avenue Photo
Your Pet By Avenue Photo
Steve Gerrard Photography
Your Mobile Phone By Steve Gerrard Photography
Steve Gerrard Photography
A Vintage Vehicle By Steve Gerrard Photography
Maigan Cowen Photography
An Antique Couch By Maigan Cowen Photography
BB Collective
A Cozy Blanket By BB Collective
Studio Lumen
A Just Married Sign By Studio Lumen
Studio FB by Annie & Ned
A Gigantic Balloon By Studio FB by Annie & Ned
Fusion Events
Your Marriage License By Fusion Events
Biji Planners
A Secret Message By Biji Planners
Sage & Sea Co.
A Glowing Candle By Sage & Sea Co.
Karizma Photography
A Surfboard By Karizma Photography
Melody Hilman Photography
A Thank You Banner By Melody Hilman Photography

Your wedding photo album will be a cherished keepsake from your wedding day so why not inject it with some personality. To get the best wedding photos, be sure to hire a professional photographer that you feel comfotable with and have a couple of props on hand to help you relax and have fun in front of the camera. You won't want to go overbaord with propped shots but adding a few to your photography checklist will help mix things up. Take inspiration from your personal style, cultural traditions, hobbies and wedding theme to add something humorous, creative or sentimental to your album. Tip: a prop is especially helpful if you're camera shy as it will give you something to do or focus on. 

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