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Time-Saving Wedding Hacks Every Busy Couple Needs

If you’re a couple of busy bees, you may be looking for wedding hacks to cut down how much time you spend planning. Here’s what you need to know!

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Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and energy. You’ve got to sort out venues, vendors, decor and more - which can become kind of like a full-time job. If you’re looking to cut back how many hours you invest in planning your big day, we’ve got a few time-saving wedding hacks for you. From getting organized to using your wedding website, here are a few tried and true tips worth putting to use.

Here are the time-saving wedding hacks that every busy couple needs.

Get organized
Before you dive into the wonderful world of wedding planning, get yourselves organized. Create a filing system for all your important wedding paperwork and documents, write out a timeline that you want to stick to and free up at least one night or day a week that you can work on wedding planning. This may take a few hours, but investing some time at the get-go will save you time in the long run. If your schedule is looking just too tight, consider extending your engagement.

Hire yourselves a planner
If you want to cut down how much time you spend working on your wedding, get a planner onboard ASAP. They’ll help you organize your schedule, keep you on track and even handle some of the tasks themselves. Keep in mind that adding one to your vendor squad is an extra expense, so you’ll need to work it into your budget.

Opt for an all-inclusive venue
Don’t want to spend hours hunting down a caterer, florist, baker and all the rest? Go for an all-inclusive wedding venue. This type of venue not only gives you the space for your wedding - it’ll also fill it with rentals, handle your menu, hire your vendors and do basically all of your wedding work for you (score!). Pro tip: you’ll want to make a list of everything the venue is taking care of and everything you still need to handle yourselves so that you don’t miss out on something important, like a DJ or a wedding cake.

Take recommendations
Another wedding hack to save time on your vendor hunt is to use your venue coordinator or wedding planner’s list of recommended vendors. These suggestions are tried and true and will free up plenty of time in your schedule for things like work, socializing and other necessities.

Ask for help
Planning a wedding isn’t a two-man (and/or woman) job! Your friends and family probably expect you to ask for wedding help and will probably offer it somewhere down the line. Instead of shrugging them off, take it! Let them help with the little tasks like envelope stuffing or place card organizing so that you have time to go to tastings, fittings and vendor meetings.

Be minimalists
You don’t have to host hundreds of guests and have extravagant decor for your big day to be amazing! If you’re not obsessed with the idea of a totally over the top wedding, keep things simple. Think less is more when it comes to decor and try your best to keep your guest list short - you’re guaranteed to have more free time (and less stress) leading up to your big day.

Stay away from crafting
I know you’re tempted to flex those creative muscles and try dozens of stunning Pinterest decor and favour DIYs, but if you’re trying to save time, we suggest skipping it. Crafting on a wedding-scale takes hours (if not days) to accomplish, so leave that stuff to the pros!

Use your wedding website
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again - you absolutely need a wedding website - this is an essential wedding hack. Not only will this digital hub save you from answering copious amounts of emails, texts and phone calls about your big day (there’s an FAQ page for that!), it’ll also allow your guests to RSVP quickly and easily (saving you time from sorting through the nos and the yeses).

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