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Want to give your outdoor cocktail hour or wedding reception that extra oomph? Add some wedding lawn games into the mix. Not only are they tremendously fun, but they’ll get your guests mixing and mingling with one another (which is always a plus). And, good news, you can DIY many of them so they won’t push you over budget. To help you out, we’ve rounded up the best lawn games for weddings.

Here are a few wedding lawn games that’ll keep your guests entertained.

Ring toss

The rules of ring toss are simple: toss a ring and try to get it around the neck of a bottle or onto a peg. This is a super easy DIY wedding lawn game, all you need are a few bottles and a couple of rings (which you can fashion out of old bangles, hoops or rope). We suggest going the extra mile and spray painting each piece so that the game matches your wedding’s colour palette.

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Giant Jenga

Do you know how to make Jenga even more fun than it already is? Supersize it. Unless you’re handy with power tools you’ll probably have to buy or rent the game, but it won’t be nearly as expensive as your dress or catering costs.

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Ping Pong

Give your guests the chance to show off their ping pong skills by setting up a table or two outside. This wedding lawn game only really works if you’ve got a ton of space, so make sure you’re working with some serious square footage before renting the supplies - you don’t want your new mother-in-law being hit with flyaway balls every five minutes.

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You could leave your guests with a few sheets of scrap stationery and leave them to create their own tic-tac-toe games, but where’s the fun in that? We suggest blowing tic-tac-toe into a giant wedding lawn game to make it even better. If you’re handy, you can craft the grid and letters out of wood or card paper, or you can take the easy route and purchase it online (there are tons available on Etsy).

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Give your wedding some Alice in Wonderland vibes by offering your guests mallets when they reach your reception. Croquet is fun for all age groups and sets can be found in all styles and colours, from vintage wood to whimsical pastels.

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Cornhole is a fan favourite for outdoor wedding lawn games. The boards can easily be customized to fit your wedding theme and you can even throw your monogram on for good measure.

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Lawn bowling, five-pin bowling and skittles are all great options for your big day. If you want to save a couple bucks, we suggest crafting your own set using handpainted wine or beer bottles - it’s a great way to recycle all your bachelor/bachelorette party empties.

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