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6 Tips for Decorating Your Wedding Sweet Table

Your wedding sweet table is one of the most important displays at your reception. Here’s how to make it shine.

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When it comes to wedding sweet tables, the aim of the game is making your display to look as good as your desserts taste. You don’t just want your cake, cookies and sweets haphazardly placed on a table in the corner, do you? No! You want to show them off. Follow these rules and your wedding dessert table will give your guests and Insta followers some serious eye candy to behold.

Here are a few tips for decorating your wedding sweet table.

Have a vision

As we all know, every good project begins with a bit of good old-fashioned research. Scroll through Pinterest and Instagram, take a look at food-centric magazines or try sampling a few dessert table ideas in the comfort of your own home. Make note of what the food is being served on, what non-edible decorations are on the wedding sweet table and which desserts are featured.

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Choose a focal point

If you’ve gone the traditional route and opted for a wedding cake, your centerpiece choice is pretty obvious. Place it on top of a pretty little stand and you’re good to go. However, if you’ve nixed the cake, try to find a multi-tiered display to place a few of your most photogenic wedding desserts upon. This will create some much needed visual interest.


Use height to your advantage

Speaking of visual interest, playing around with height on your wedding sweet table is a great idea. Instead of displaying all your tarts, pies and pastries on flat trays, why not mix things up a bit? Using high and low stands will make your dessert buffet really pop. You don’t have to use traditional tableware, either. Crates, candy jars and jewellery boxes make for props to place your treats in or on.

Create a colour scheme

Let your wedding theme inspire your desserts down to the colour scheme. If you’re hosting a swanky black-tie affair, why not stock your wedding sweet table with tuxedo strawberries, black and white macarons and ivory truffles. Opting for a more vibrant palette? Fill your wedding dessert display with tropical fruits and an array of multi-coloured cupcakes. Don’t forget to match the table’s decor to the colour scheme, as well!

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Put your florist to work

Ask your wedding florist if they can create a few additional arrangements to frame your cake. Yes, it’ll hike up your bill, but it’s totally worth it. If you don’t want your blooms to steal the show, sprinkle a few petals on the table before placing down your desserts, this will tie it in with the rest of the room.

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Skip mixing and matching

Mixing and matching is fine when it comes to tableware and trays, but you shouldn’t apply the rule to how you showcase different desserts. Don’t put vegan truffles on the same tray as regular ones or there are bound to be a few unfortunate mishaps. Each type of dessert should each get its own dedicated place on your wedding sweet table.

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