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Once you’ve chosen your wedding caterer, you’ll want to decide on what style of catering to go with. From traditional plated dinners to casual cocktail hours, you’ve got a few options at your disposal. Remember, the style that you choose will influence both the cost and flow of your wedding reception, so pick wisely.

Here are the most popular wedding catering styles.

Plated Dinner

Plated dinners are the most formal and traditional option. Guests will order their meals when they RSVP or once they are seated at your reception. A server will then bring each guest their dishes in courses (there are usually three or four). This option removes the chaos of swapping plates or lining up for food, but will leave you with the biggest bill of all the catering styles. When it comes to meal choices, the world is your oyster. Remember: you’ll definitely want to have at least two options for your guests: one for the meat-eaters and one for the vegetarians/vegans.

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Buffets give your guests a chance to construct the meal they want to eat. It’s definitely a more casual option, but won’t leave you with a ton of food waste. Choose dishes that can easily and quickly be served onto plates. Salmon fillets, pasta dishes and salads are tried and true buffet options.

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Food Stations

Food stations are another DIY option that allow your guests to create their meals. Various food sites will be set up around your reception hall where your guests can pick up designated types of food. This opens you up to a world of choice. With everything from sushi to crepes available, the wedding reception food station ideas are virtually endless. If you want to stick to a designated cuisine, that’s cool, too. You can have stations for appetizers, meats, breads, salads, desserts and/or anything else that strikes your fancy.

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Family-style meals involve larger dishes that guests serve themselves from and pass along. This can easily get chaotic, so if you’re looking into this catering style make sure you don’t have large table groups. It’s ideal for more casual affairs, so if you’re hosting a swanky reception you may want to consider the plated meal. Salads, pasta dishes and skewers are some of the more popular family-style dishes.

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Cocktail Style

Cocktail style is a cheap and cheerful option that won’t leave you with a ton of leftovers. Instead of a full meal, this catering style invites your guests to stack their plates with hors d’ouevres like crostini and crudités. An added benefit of cocktail style is its ability to suit any wedding theme without spending heaps of cash. If a low-key Caledon barn soiree is in your future, snacks like garlic knots and mac n’ cheese pops may fit right in. If you’re hosting a black tie affair at a Dorval country club, you may want more refined options like canapés and crab beignets. 

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