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13 Wedding Dress Cover Up Ideas Every Bride Should Know About

On the hunt for the perfect wedding dress cover up? Here are some stylish options you may not have considered.

Just married leather jacket

Of course, you don’t want to hide your gorgeous gown from the world, but if you’re embracing the convertible wedding dress trend to switch up your outfit, tying the knot in a cooler month, or the weather looks like it might act up, you may be on the hunt for a wedding dress cover-up. From bridal capes to boleros, we’ve rounded up our favourite fashion-forward options so that you can complete your bridal ensemble and look extra stylish on your big day.

Here are the wedding dress cover-up options every bride should know about.

Bridal Cape

Give your outfit a bit of fairytale drama or a modern twist by wearing a cape as your wedding dress cover-up. You can opt for something as thin as your veil or as thick as velour (for a winter wedding). Pro tip: if you’ve gone for a heavier fabric for your wedding dress, you may want to go a little lighter for your cape so that you’re not lugging around a ton of extra weight.

Bridal Cape

Bridal Capelet

A capelet is like a cape’s baby sister. It’s a little less dramatic, but it’s still a super stylish bridal accessory. Instead of sweeping the floor, it hits just below the shoulders (about the length of a shrug). This is an amazing option if you need a bit of coverage, but don’t want to hide too much of your gown.

Bridal Capelet

Wedding Dress Topper

A topper is an awesome option for those who want a second wedding dress without having to do a full outfit change. It’s basically a shirt that you wear overtop of your gown that gives your dress a completely different style. They come in a ton of different designs but are usually a sheer cover-up for a wedding dress so that you can see the bodice of the gown underneath. You can remove it at any point on your wedding day to breathe new life into your look.

Wedding dress topper


If you’re on the hunt for a luxurious option that screams elegance, a stole is the wedding dress cover-up for you. They’re usually made of fur or faux fur and are a top-notch choice for a winter wedding dress (because they’re so cozy).

Bridal fur stole

Fur Coat

If you love the fluffy, furry look but want a bit more coverage than a stole can offer, a faux fur, fleece or fur mid-length coat or jacket pairs beautifully with an elegant sheath—a great choice for fall or winter outdoor wedding,

Faux fur mid-length coat


A shawl is a light and inexpensive wedding dress cover up option that you won’t regret having on hand. You can order yours in wedding white or go a bit bolder and choose something that matches your wedding colour scheme.

Bridal shawl cover-up

Leather Jacket

Want to give your wedding look a cool, edgy vibe? Top it off with a leather jacket. As an added bonus, you probably already have one in your closet, so you won’t have to scour the shops for the perfect one.

Wedding leather jacket

Denim Jacket

For a more casual look, embrace the jean jacket portion of the Canadian tuxedo and have it painted by a calligrapher.

Bridal denim jean jacket


A bomber is another casual cover-up jacket for a wedding dress that will up your ensemble’s cool factor. You can usually find options with cute sayings at online shops or you can hand embroider yours with a line from your vows or your new last name to make it extra sentimental.

Bridal Bomber Jacket


The Duchess of Cambridge surprised the world when she wore a white angora cardigan as part of her wedding reception bridal ensemble. A sweater is a charming choice for a bridal cover-up and looks adorable in any colour.

Bridal cardigan


A shrug is to a jacket what a capelet is to a cape. It’s essentially a more petite version of a jacket that’s hemline typically ends just below the arms. This is a great choice if you want to make your look a bit more modest for your ceremony without wearing a totally different outfit.

Bridal Shrug


Very similar to a shrug but on the dressier side, a little longer and often with couture embellishments like feathers and tassels, a bolero is a great way to cover up and add a trendy accessory to your wedding dress design. Kate Middleton famously wore a white angora bolero cardigan with her reception dress.

Bridal bolero by Ines Di Santo


Winter Coat

If you're having a winter wedding and your itinerary requires that you step outside into the cold, you probably want to wear something more substantial over your wedding dress. A wraparound coat tied at the waist is a great choice for wearing over a fuller skirt.

Bride wearing winter coat

Fur Jacket or Cape




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