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6 Must-Dos the Night Before Your Wedding

Don’t spend the moments leading up to your big day staring at the clock. Wind down using these tips.

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Keeping your mind off your wedding is easier said than done - especially on the night before your big day. Instead of rejigging your wedding seating chart and practicing your wedding vows again and again, try to squeeze in a bit of R&R. From staying hydrated to hitting the hay at a reasonable hour, there are a few things you should really aim to do on the night before your wedding to keep your nerves from getting the better of you.

Here are the things you must do the night before your wedding.

Stay hydrated

Your mother has told you this, your dermatologist has told you this, heck, Cosmo has even told you this - but I will tell you again, you need to drink your water and try to avoid alcohol the night before your wedding. It will help your skin glow, reduce bloating and do wonders for your body in general. If you’re bored of plain old H2o add some fruit and herbs to make it cocktail-esque.

Care for your skin

Your skin should be prepped and primed for all the wedding makeup it will be sporting the following day. You don’t want to risk waking up with it as dry as the Sahara or as oily as your teenage years, so don’t add any new products into your nighttime regimen on the night before your wedding. Use your tried and true cleanser, toner and moisturizer combo to ensure good results. If you’re having a flare up, think about applying a mask to soothe it even more.

Get organized

To make your morning go as smoothly as possible, organize your belongings the night before your wedding. Prepare your getting ready outfit, drop off your bridal ensemble and honeymoon luggage at the venue and pack any other bits and bobs you may need on your big day (like your phone charger, keys and other essentials).


If there was ever a time to do a digital detox, it’s the night before your wedding. Put your phone on airplane mode, power down your laptop and keep your tablet out of site. This will save you from trying to micromanage any last-minute wedding details. Keep in mind that if anything does come up, your maid of honour will be there to deal with it. Now’s the time to live by the lyrics of Doris Day, “Que sera, sera / Whatever will be, will be.”


Do something that’ll keep your spirits high and your stress levels low. Invite a few of your bridesmaids over to watch some romcoms or zen out and do some yoga on your own. The key is to find something that will keep your mind from wandering into wedding planning territory.

Catch some Zs

While your excitement may be keeping you awake, fight the urge to pull an all nighter. Getting some quality sleep will help keep you alert and excited for your entire wedding day without needing to recharge with Redbull or coffee every few hours. Brew some chamomile tea (David’s Tea’s Organic Dream On blend is a godsend), make sure your alarm is set and curl up in bed with a book before turning off those lights for good. Try to get a full eight hours if you can manage.

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