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25 Questions You Should Never Ask a Couple on Their Wedding Day

Asking the happy couple these questions on their big day is a serious faux pas - so skip ‘em at all costs.

Frances Morency Photography

Have some last-minute quandaries for the bride and groom? That’s totally understandable, everyone needs a refresher on weddings now and again. If you can’t find the info you’re looking for after checking the wedding website’s FAQ page, your best bet is contacting the bride and groom’s point person (their contact info should be pretty easy to hunt down). Before you start dialling, consider if your question is worth asking. Hint: the day of the wedding is a little too late to ask for a plus one or to switch your entrée. We also recommend steering clear of anything that might stress out the bride or groom - like making them second guess their venue, menu or outfit choices.

Here are a few questions you should never ask a couple on their wedding day.

  • “Can I bring a plus one with me?”
  • “Something came up last minute. Can I bring my children?”
  • “Do you mind if I show up a little late? I’ll be super stealth when I sneak in.”
  • “Do I have to abide by the dress code or can I wear something else?”
  • “I like the first dress you tried on so much better, why didn’t you get that one?”
  • “It looks pretty grey out, do you think it’s gonna rain?”
  • “What’s your backup plan if something goes wrong?”
  • “I can’t believe you sat me next to [insert frenemy’s name here]. Can I switch tables?”
  • “Why did you even invite [insert frenemy’s name here]?”
  • “Why didn’t you invite [insert friend’s name here]”
  • “I’m so not in the mood for chicken today, do you mind if I switch my entrée?”
  • “Why aren’t you having an open bar?”
  • “What’s your fiancé(s) name? I keep forgetting.”
  • “Woah, this is so fancy. How much is it costing you?”
  • “Did your parents pay for this?”
  • “Can you even afford a honeymoon after this?”
  • “This seems like a lot of hard work. Don’t you wish you just eloped?”
  • “Do you care that I didn’t get a gift from your registry?”
  • “Are you positive that he/she is the one?”
  • “Where’s my invite to the table of honour?”
  • “Why wasn’t I asked to be a part of the wedding party?”
  • “Can I sing a ballad for the two of you? I’ve been taking vocal lessons.”
  • “I know this is a little unusual, but can I give a toast? I promise I’ll be quick.”
  • “Are you pregnant?”
  • “Can I catch a ride in your getaway car?”