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How to Choose Your Wedding Scent

One thing you definitely don’t want to forget on your big day? Your fragrance! Here’s how to pick the perfect wedding scent for your “I dos”.

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Perfect dress? Check! Killer hair and makeup? Check! Now all you need to do is a double check in the mirror and spritz yourself with the perfect wedding scent. So what are you going to go with? We’ve got a few tips on landing the best wedding fragrance for you.

Here’s how to choose your wedding scent.

Think about your theme
Now this isn’t a make or break, but having your wedding scent match the theme of your wedding is an extra bonus. No, I’m not suggesting that you smell like a campfire for your outdoorsy wedding, but you could go with something fresh as opposed to oriental. Regardless, if you don’t know where to start your fragrance hunt, your venue is great place to look for inspiration. Tip: If you like this idea, many of Maison Margiela’s REPLICA scents are inspired by destinations and memories - including a Beach Walk and a Promenade in the Gardens (among others).

Pick a wedding scent style you love
If you naturally gravitate to muskier scents, that’s probably the fragrance category you should go with for your wedding day. Just because you’ve opted for a grand garden venue doesn’t mean you have to make the switch to something floral, especially if that’s out of your scent comfort zone. While your theme is important, wearing something you love is essential.

Keep your partner in mind
Has your S.O. ever purchased you a perfume for an anniversary or birthday? Well, there’s a good chance that they’re a fan of it. While you should be head over heels for your wedding scent, it couldn’t hurt for your partner to love it, too. Note: if they cringe when you wear a particular fragrance, you may want to skip wearing it on your big day!

Choose the right fragrance strength
Now, as you walk the aisles of Sephora you’ll be met with plenty of options. While your first priority should be finding a perfume that you love, you should also know the strength of that scent. Pay attention to whether you’re picking up an eau de toilette or an eau de parfum, they may seem the same at first sniff, but trust us, they’re different. The former will wear off more quickly than the latter, as it has a lower concentration of fragrance oils than a parfum. If you go this route, you should plan on carrying a clutch so that you can re-apply throughout the evening. A parfum, on the other hand, may be able to last you from the beginning of your ceremony right through to the end of your after party.

DIY your own
Can’t find a perfume you love at your local department store? Skip the trip to Hudson's Bay and make your own, instead. No, you should not spend a day at your vanity funneling your favourite Givenchy, Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga fragrances into one bottle - you’ll definitely need the help of the experts to get it right. If you know your scents, many companies - like UNIQUE Fragrance and Aromachology - do online orders. Want to be even more involved in the process? Places like Province Apothecary (Toronto) and Ruby Brown (Montreal) can help you out in person. The seasoned pros here will help you mix and match your favourite notes to come up with something truly original for your big day, making it extra special.

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