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Wedding Nails are Done!
Marleau, On 19/October/2018 at 10:47

Omg I can’t believe tomorrow is the wedding! The last couple of months have gone by so fast. We just finished getting our nails done for the big day. 💜

Marleau, yesterday at 01:22 16 messages 96
Hair & Make-up
Emily, On 18/October/2018 at 15:50

Hi everyone, I need your opinions on hair and make-up costs! I am located in Southern Ontario - the wedding will be held in Cambridge and I am just wondering what the average cost is for a hair and...

Emily, friday 19-Oct-18 5 messages 62
Bridal Party Hair & Makeup
Amanda, On 24/August/2018 at 15:39

Hi All!I have just finished putting a deposit down for hair and makeup for me and my bridal party, my question is, has anyone gifted this to their bridal party instead of asking them to pay for it?I...

Amanda, friday 19-Oct-18 17 messages 186
Fake eyelashes - a must, or too much fuss?
Joey, On 12/October/2018 at 08:05

Will you be wearing false eyelashes on your wedding day? Are you going to apply them yourself or will you be leaving this to the pros? Will you be using individual lashes, or full strips of lashes?...

Rachael, monday 15-Oct-18 24 messages 183
Need help to find someone
Helene, On 8/October/2018 at 14:33

I don’t know want to do, i need makeup and hair pro for my big day on june 2019. but i would like the same personne. and last think i have a very small budget.if you have any ideas or pro to refer i’m...

Melissa, monday 8-Oct-18 1 message 67
Word of Caution - Learn From My Mistake!
Brittany, On 3/October/2018 at 21:10

Hello my fellow brides!!You know how many articles/lists will say for your pre-wedding ritual (the night before your wedding) to use a "tried and true face mask"... please remember, "tried and true"...

Stephanie, thursday 4-Oct-18 8 messages 207