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Fake lashes: yea or nay?
Lynnie, Yesterday at 14:39

Will you wear fake eyelashes for the wedding to help your eyes pop? Falsies can really help open and emphasize your eyes in pictures and take your look to the next level! I'm personally a big fan of...

Holly, 30 minutes ago 18 messages 80
Anyone doing their own makeup?
Kaisha, On 20/April/2018 at 15:16

I am not very good at makeup but my bridesmaids both are amazing? Would it be rude to ask one of them to do mine or should I hire someone?

Renee, yesterday at 21:48 20 messages 131
Do you tip the hair/makeup artist?
Kaytee, On 24/September/2017 at 16:24

I feel like we are already paying a ton to get our hair and makeup done ($75 for hair and $90 for makeup each). Do you have to tip on top of that?

Elise, tuesday 24-Apr-18 18 messages 268
Eyeliners that stay - suggestions please
Colleen, On 19/April/2018 at 17:50

Hello,I am hoping to get suggestions for eyeliners that will stay in place. I am afraid of the raccoon look in my wedding pictures. Any suggestions for brand to look at?Thank you everyone for your...

Andie, monday 23-Apr-18 14 messages 95
Bold or Subtle? What wedding make-up look are you going for?
Brittany, On 4/April/2018 at 20:07

I've always pictured soft and fresh make-up for my wedding. Now I'm having an evening, formal, winter wedding, and I am leaning towards some smokier/sultry make-up.What look are you going for?Is dark...

Sara, monday 23-Apr-18 56 messages 254
Scheduling hair and makeup for wedding
Naomi, On 19/April/2018 at 10:17

I am booking my hair stylists and makeup artists for the wedding. Who usually gets their hair and makeup done first? Bride? Bridesmaids? Also, is it better to get my makeup application before or after...

Stephanie, saturday 21-Apr-18 7 messages 96