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Hair Colour help
Michelle, On 18/June/2019 at 16:44

I need to dye my hair before the wedding but I’m not sure what colour to dye it. My daughter thinks I should do a dark red. I’ve included a few of the hair colours I’m thinking of. Let me know your...

Valérie, tuesday 18-Jun-19 6 messages 68
Second hair and makeup trials
Marissa, On 15/June/2019 at 15:51

I went for my second hair and makeup trials with other vendors, and I think I'm finally happy with the look! The first time around looked good in photos, but not quite great in real life. This time,...

Veronica, monday 17-Jun-19 10 messages 161
Doing your own makeup?
Kaitlyn, On 14/June/2019 at 08:29

Hey Brides, I’m having a little internal debate. I love makeup and have a good understanding and healthy collection hahaha. I’m kind of wanting to do my own makeup for my wedding (if Kate Middleton...

Shyrelle, monday 17-Jun-19 14 messages 179
The continuing adventures of changing hair colour!
Allison, On 12/June/2019 at 10:57

Hey all! Some of you might remember, but for my wedding I decided to go from dark brown (natrual)/vibrant red hair to blonde balayage in This discussion here! I had my 2nd session last night and I...

Allison, thursday 13-Jun-19 30 messages 197
Wedding nails!
Robyn, On 15/June/2019 at 13:44

Just got my wedding nails done..... I love them so much 😍 almost exactly the same as the inspiration picture I had. Less than 24 hours left!!!

Allison, sunday 16-Jun-19 9 messages 74
Danielle, On 10/June/2019 at 21:22

Looking for any tips. Wedding is a month away and anxiety is starting to brew. The problem is I chew my nails when anxious and even get to the point of peeling off skin (to the point they bleed)....

Danielle, wednesday 12-Jun-19 9 messages 145