You're going to look absolutely spectacular on your wedding day, and that's why we provide you with a range of tricks and tips you might need: beauty treatments, wedding makeup, hairstyles, the latest trends, etc...

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Perfume & Cologne Ideas
Marcia, On 16/June/2018 at 12:58

What will you be wearing on your special day, what about your groom? I love Flowerbomb but want to try a different scent. Any suggestions?

Bianca, yesterday at 23:52 5 messages 39
Natural or glam? What kind of look are you going for on your wedding day?
Lynnie, On 13/June/2018 at 13:05

What style "look" are you going for on your wedding day? Do you want to wear enough makeup for pictures but still look natural, or are you going super glam? 💄Share your makeup inspiration pics as...

Stephanie, yesterday at 20:44 26 messages 125
Should i go for a second hair trial?
Stephanie, On 10/June/2018 at 18:37

I recently went for my hair trial. I wanted a full updo. I have since changed my mind and only want half up. The way my updo was, she started by putting the top half up so I know the updo part will be...

Courtney, monday 11-Jun-18 7 messages 93
Wedding Nails
Jessica, On 8/June/2018 at 12:41

So my wedding is in two weeks and I booked an appointment to get shellac nails as I've heard its a nail polish that is hard to chip. My issue is that my nails are fragile and break easily. I was...

Gabbie, thursday 14-Jun-18 15 messages 164
What are you doing for your Nails?
Lyla, On 6/June/2018 at 04:34

I recently gave my Nails a break from gel before the wedding and am going crazy without them! These are my past Nails and what I’ll be getting for the wedding, show me what you plan on doing!

TayCath36, friday 8-Jun-18 40 messages 237
Nail advice
Maya, On 5/June/2018 at 06:56

So I was planning on growing my own nails out for my wedding. I have engagement photos today as long as the weather is good. Last night I decided to get my nails done because they are so short. I...

Maya, thursday 7-Jun-18 8 messages 112