All Dolled Up Makeup & Hair

Of course you want to look like your best self on your wedding day, and there’s no shame in bringing in a professional to help you do that. We’re not all experts on finding the perfect shade of foundation, so why not hire someone who is? While narrowing down your bridal beauty look, here are a few things you should keep in mind.


You’ll want to use products that won’t make your skin look more oily or harsh in a photo than it does in real life. Chances are your makeup artist already knows how to sidestep this situation, but if you know of certain products that don’t flatter you in pictures, let your pro know to avoid them.

Airbrush makeup

Some brides opt to do an airbrush treatment to make their skin appear smooth and even. It’s a great option for a warm weather wedding because it’s water resistant and has longer staying power than regular foundation. Brides with more textured skin that requires more makeup coverage should consider sticking with regular products. Do a trial run before the big day to see if it works for you or not.

False lashes

These can be a good option for brides who really want to make their eyes pop. Women with light eyelashes or short ones may want to do this to bring some drama to their beauty look. Mascara can only do so much, and with an expert there to apply them, they’re bound to last all night. However, some brides may find the idea of fake eyelashes to be uncomfortable and would rather keep a more natural look. There’s no right or wrong choice, just another makeup idea to consider.

Style & Venue

Think about the overall feel of your day and how your makeup can complement that. If you’re getting married in an intimate mountainside ceremony, dramatic makeup may not be the best option for the occasion, consider a more laidback look. Are you getting married outside? Be sure to use sweatproof products and avoid caking on too much product on the off-chance of it being a rainy or humid day. Taking all factors from ambience to location into account will help you make informed choices for your bridal look.

Enhance your natural features

Your wedding day is an opportunity to look like your best self. We recommend not going overboard with wild colors and new makeup trends on this particular day, you want your beauty look to stand the test of time! Find a blush color that will highlight your cheekbones, or use a shadow that will make the color of your eyes pop. Use your wedding makeup to enhance what you’ve got instead of covering it up!

Photo by hotmetalstudio