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Everything You’ll Need for a Dog-Friendly Wedding

Dogs make for amazing wedding guests. If you want canine companions to be a part of your big day, here’s everything you need to do to host a dog-friendly wedding.

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Don’t think your wedding would be complete without your four-legged friend(s) in attendance? Well, go ahead and put your dogs (and all their pals) on your wedding guest list. Dog-friendly weddings are perfect for pet-lovers, but they do require a bit of extra planning. From finding the perfect wedding venue to stocking up on supplies, this is what you’ll need to check off your to-do list before your big day.

Here’s everything you’ll need for a dog-friendly wedding.

A pet-friendly venue

Before you 100% commit to having a dog-friendly wedding, you’ll need to find a wedding venue that allows pets. While some indoor event spaces offer packages that include furry friends, an outdoor venue is probably your best bet. Lucky for you, Canada is filled with awesome barns, countryside spaces and forest locations that dogs will love just as much as you do. Pictured here: Bradford Barn

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Notice for your guests

You’ll want to put a note on your wedding invitations and wedding website that tells your guests that dogs will be welcome at your celebration. You may even want to add a section for them on your RSVP card so that you know just how many four-legged friends will be in attendance. This number will come in handy when you’re purchasing necessities and favours.

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A cute way to work them into your wedding

If you’re throwing a dog-friendly wedding, there’s a good chance that you are owners. Work your canine companion into your big day by hiring them as your ring bearer, posing for photos with them and giving them some of the spotlight. We’ve rounded up our favourite ways to include your pet in your wedding to help you out.

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A designated dog section

Create a doggy daycare section at your wedding venue and hire a few dog sitters so that they can mind the furry friends while everyone eats, drinks and busts a move. That way everyone (including the animals) can enjoy everything your celebration has to offer.

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The necessities

You definitely don’t want any pets getting parched, hungry or bored while their humans are indulging, so before your dog-friendly wedding, you’ll want to stock up on food and water bowls, treats, waste bags and a few toys. These are sure to keep the dogs happy and entertained while your guests mix and mingle.


If your guests are bringing along their pets, offer them treats to take home for them, too! Some favourites are personalized treats, bones or even toys (if you’re really feeling like splurging). Yes, this is a bit extra, but your wedding is the perfect time to embrace being over the top.

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