After Parties

After the wedding reception wraps, the party can continue on. Whether you're looking to fill your wedding night with fun until sunrise or want to treat your guests to a post-wedding brunch, there are plenty of ways to keep the party going after your last dance.

After Parties

How to Host a Post-Wedding Brunch

Want to keep the party going? Host a post-wedding brunch to thank your guests and mix and mingle before heading off on your honeymoon. Here are all the bases you need to cover - from breakfast bites to decor.

By Alice Prendergast, 29/01/20

After Parties

How to Throw a Wedding After Party

Keep your wedding going until the crack of dawn with an awesome after party. Here’s the lowdown on how to do it right.

By Alice Prendergast, 24/10/19

After Parties

Post-Wedding Brunch 101

Thinking of hosting a post-wedding brunch? Here’s everything you need to know to hold an epic celebration.

By Alice Prendergast, 22/02/19

After Parties

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Post-Wedding Brunch

Ready to start drafting plans for your post-wedding brunch? We’ve got all the money saving tips you need to know.

By Alice Prendergast, 09/07/18

After Parties

5 Things You Should Be Serving At Your Post-Wedding Brunch

Your post-wedding brunch menu deserves more than just bacon and eggs. Here’s what to include on yours.

By Alice Prendergast, 29/05/18

After Parties

6 Ways to Keep the Party Going All Night Long

Your party doesn’t need to end after your reception. Here are some tips on getting your guests to party with you until the wee hours of the morning.

By Alice Prendergast, 02/05/18

After Parties

8 Trendy Breakfast Foods to Serve at Your Post-Wedding Brunch

Breakfast poutine, confetti pancakes, avocado toast and more foodie ideas worth putting on your menu.

By Alice Prendergast, 26/07/17

After Parties

7 Breakfast Food Station Ideas for Your Wedding (or Post-Wedding) Brunch

Hosting a morning celebration? Here are a few food stations worth considering for your big day (or the day after).

By Alice Prendergast, 15/05/17

After Parties

The Ultimate Post-Wedding Brunch Playlist

Want to add some beats to your brunch? We suggest skipping the heavy bass and go with some easy listening songs instead. Here’s a list of our fave tracks.

By Alice Prendergast, 09/03/17

After Parties

The Ultimate Wedding After Party Playlist

Trying to craft the perfect post-wedding playlist? Here are a few staples to queue up to get your guests movin’ and shakin’.

By Alice Prendergast, 22/02/17