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6 People Who Shouldn’t Make It Onto Your Wedding Guest List

Is your guest list looking a bit too long for your liking? Here are a few people you should probably remove from it.

Creating your wedding guest list will probably be one of your more difficult planning tasks. Yes, it’s hard to whittle down your and your partner’s friends and family members to fit your dream venue and/or wedding budget, but it needs to be done. If you’re having trouble cutting back your guest list we know a few people that probably shouldn’t make the cut.

Here are six people who shouldn’t make it onto your wedding guest list.

That person who always stirs up drama

It’s hard to remain calm on your wedding day to begin with, so don’t give yourself in the added nuisance of hosting a friend who can’t get enough of drama. If you’re at all concerned that a person might start a fight or party a bit too hard, they should probably sit this one out.

That person you met at a party one time

Friends of friends are not necessarily your friends. If you couldn’t stand to have a one-on-one conversation with them, they probably shouldn’t find their way onto your wedding guest list. Sure, they can be your pal’s plus one, but you don’t need to send them a direct invite.

That person you haven’t seen in forever

Your childhood pals, high school buddies and college roommates may start asking about invites after they see your relationship status change on Facebook, but if they haven’t seen you since your schooldays, inviting them is not necessary. Yes, they may add a dose of nostalgia, but if you don’t know a thing about them they’ll be more of a seat filler than anything else.

That person who’s always a Debby Downer

If you have a friend who always puts you down and has said little to no nice things about your wedding, they should be nixed from your wedding guest list ASAP. Your wedding day should be filled with love and light, not negative comments and side-eye glances.

That person you dated a few years ago

Weddings are pretty much always a “no ex zone”. You probably wouldn’t love it if your partner tried to add their high school sweetheart to the wedding guest list, so you should show them the same respect. If you and a former flame still run in the same circles and have remained close over the years, you may be able to add them, but you’ll definitely want to talk to your fiancé(e) about it first.

That person you never see outside of the office

You may have one or two coworkers who decide they’re your BFFs as soon as they see bling on your ring finger, after all, it’s probably the most interesting thing that’s happened at your workplace in a loooong time. While inviting people you work with is fine, you should probably stick to the ones you see outside of the office on a regular basis. To avoid any awkward encounters we suggest keeping talk about gowns, venues, cakes and the like to a minimum while hanging out at the watercooler.

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