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If you and your S.O. are huge seafood lovers, lobster should probably find its way onto your wedding menu in some way, shape or form. Just about any savoury dish can be infused with extra decadence with the helping hand of lobster, so you really can’t go wrong. Whether you’re looking to give your apps a little Maritime flavour or send your guests off after a solid seafood-filled brunch, you’ve got options.

Here are a few creative ways to serve lobster at your wedding.

As hors d’oeuvres
If you like the idea of serving fair foods at your wedding but want your menu to err on the more gourmet side, think about dishing up some mini lobster corn dogs. This tasty snack-sized eat is the perfect way to kick off your cocktail hour.

As an appetizer
Soup is a tried and true choice for an appetizer. Instead of going for a classic option like tomato or split pea, warm your guests up with bowls of rich lobster bisque before they dive into their main. If you’re not doing a multi-course meal, you can always serve it in shot glasses as a cocktail-style dish.


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As a main
Looking to stack your wedding menu with some serious comfort food? You should definitely consider adding lobster mac ‘n’ cheese to the mix. It’s way more decadent than classic KD and will have your guests coming back for seconds (and maybe even thirds).

As a late night snack
If you want your guests to join you for an after party, they’re probably going to need more sustenance as the night wears on. Lobster rolls are a Maritime street food favourite that’ll help refuel your guests after a few hours of mixing, mingling and dancing. They’re downright delicious, but you should remember to order extra napkins - they can get a little messy.

At your post-wedding brunch
Looking for a truly impressive dish to add to your post-wedding brunch spread? Forget about omelettes, hashes and scrambles - go for something a touch more creative, like lobster eggs benedict. This rich and creamy treat is the indulgent send-off your wedding guests deserve after partying all night long.


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