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5 Reasons Why Rainy Wedding Days Are Awesome

Don’t let the weather get you down on your big day! Rain could even make your wedding more magical.

Wedding portrait in the rain

Wedding portrait in the rain

So, you looked at the weather forecast for your wedding day and, to your absolute horror, it’s calling for rain. Before you turn into a full-fledged bridezilla, take some deep breaths and think about the positives. Sure, you may need to nix the lawn games you had planned and you may have to swap your glittery heels for a pair of rainboots, but there are some awesome advantages to a rainy wedding day, too.

Here are a few reasons why rainy wedding days are awesome.

It’s actually good luck

Are you superstitious - or even just a little stitious? If you answered yes, it’s time to start seeing the bright side of rain. Though you may view it as inclement, rain is actually thought to bring good luck on a wedding day (so, don’t freak out if the forecast starts calling for a drizzle). It symbolizes the washing away of your past to make way for a brighter future (i.e. kissing your exes goodbye and saying hello to life with your new hubby or wife).

Wedding party photo in the rain

You can get amazing photos

Every couple wants a stunning wedding album and a bit of rain is guaranteed to take yours to the next level. Imagine recreating that steamy kiss from The Notebook in your wedding gear or sharing a sweet moment under an umbrella? These are shots you just won’t be able to get if the skies are clear and blue on your big day.

Wedding portrait in the rain

You probably won't have annoying pests in attendance

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, bees, wasps and other creepy crawlies may sneak in without an invite (rude!). You know what typically scares them off? A healthy dose of rain. Your guests may need to spend most of their time under the shelter of a tent, but they won’t have to deal with swatting away unwanted visitors every few seconds.

Wedding ceremony in the rain

Your reception will be extra cozy

Rain will bring an awesome element of coziness to your wedding. Your guests will feel super snug under the roof of your venue (or in your tent) and will get to enjoy the soothing sounds of the rain along with your playlist. Heck, you may even want to ask your band to take a break so that you can take full advantage.

Wedding tent in the rain

Your first dance could be even more magical

People love dancing in the rain for a reason - it’s way more fun. If you’re not worried about your gown getting a little dirty, forget about whirling and twirling around indoors and take your first dance outside. Pro tip: you may want to have a second wedding dress waiting in the wings so that you’re not uncomfortable for the rest of the evening.

Wedding first dance in the rain

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