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10 Good Luck Charms for Your Wedding Day

From the classic sixpence in your shoe to ring warming, there are plenty of ways to infuse your big day with a bit of good luck.

Wedding Good Luck Charms - sky lantern ceremony

Wedding Good Luck Charms - sky lantern ceremony

Are you a little nervous about starting this new phase in your relationship? Totally understandable, almost everyone feels this way before their wedding. Adding one or two good luck charms on your wedding day could make all the difference and boost your confidence, even if it is a placebo effect. Bonus: some of these good luck charms have pretty cool origin stories, so even if they don’t work, they are interesting wedding traditions and lucky symbols to incorporate into your celebration.

Here are a few good luck charms for your wedding day.

A sixpence in your shoe

Even if you’ve just dipped your toes into wedding planning, you’ve probably come across the saying, “something old, something new, something borrowed something blue, a sixpence in your shoe”. So where does it come from? Way back in the day - beginning around 1883 - blushing brides would be gifted with a sixpence coin to place in her shoe as a good luck charm. No, a loonie or toonie cannot be swapped in, so you’ll have to hit a bridal boutique to hunt one down.

Sixpence in Your Shoe for Good Luck Charm

A family heirloom

Every family heirloom holds a little bit of magic. Borrow your mother’s veil, your grandmother’s locket or your great uncle’s cufflinks to infuse your big day with a dash of good luck and nostalgia. Not only can this act as your “something old” but it’ll also add a bit of vintage flair to your ensemble.

Wedding Good Luck Charms- family heirloom

Good luck horseshoes

Looking for the perfect decoration for your rustic chic wedding? Horseshoes are the way to go. They add the perfect amount of country charm while also offering you luck on your big day. The story behind this good luck charm is a little weird – centuries ago people hung iron horseshoes on their doors to fight off goblins and evil spirits (who were, naturally (?), afraid of iron). Now, you may not be warding off any demons on your wedding day, but these trinkets might help kill any bad vibes.

Wedding Good Luck Charms - Horseshoes

Rain on your wedding day

Seeing rain on the forecast for your wedding day may strike fear into your heart, but trust me, it’s not bad. In fact, many people would say it’s the exact opposite. Not only does inclement weather make for great photos like this one, but it also symbolizes washing away your past (bye, exes, hello married life!).

Wedding Good Luck Charms - rainy wedding day

Burying the bourbon

It may not be too popular in Canada, but down south burying the bourbon is a big deal. Couples will head to their wedding location exactly one month before their big day to literally bury a bottle of whisky. After the ceremony wraps, the newlyweds dig it up and cheers to their new relationship status. Yes, this good luck charm takes a bit more work than throwing a coin in your shoe, but it may just be worth it.

Wedding Good Luck Charms - bury the bourbon


While you probably don’t want your wedding struck by a full-on ladybug infestation, seeing one or two of these little guys may be just what you need on your big day. According to many cultures, ladybugs are good luck, so if one finds its way onto your veil or gown, don’t swat it away!

Wedding Good Luck Charms - ladybugs

Sky lanterns

No stars to be seen on your wedding night? No problem, you can illuminate the night with sky lanterns. Give them out to your guests and ask them to offer up wishes for your relationship. Don’t forget to fly one up with your brand new spouse!

Wedding Good Luck Charms - sky lanterns

Ring warming ceremony

While a ring warming ceremony may not work so well if you have a massive guest list, it is a great tradition for smaller ceremonies. Leave your wedding bands on a table – you may want to have someone watch it, just in case – or pass it around and ask each guest to bless it with a wish or affirmation while warming it with their hands.

Wedding Good Luck Charms - ring warming ceremony

Paper cranes

Not only do paper cranes make for great decor, but they are also infused with good luck. According to an ancient Japanese legend, if a person folds one thousand paper cranes, they’ll have their wish granted. Other variations of the story suggest that the folder will be blessed with luck and happiness (either way, it’s a pretty sweet deal). Now, get to folding because crafting that many cranes will definitely take a bit of time.

Wedding Good Luck Charms - paper cranes

Ringing church bells

Church bells and weddings go together like bread and butter – they’re pretty much a match made in heaven. While the sound may be jarring to some, ringing church bells is thought to ward off evil spirits (and who doesn’t want that?). Even if you aren’t getting hitched in a cathedral, you can add some decorative bells to your wedding decor to spruce things up a bit.

Wedding Good Luck Charms - ringing church bells

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