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6 Ways to Celebrate Religion at Your Same-Sex Wedding

Lots of same-sex couples are devout followers of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or other religions, and they want their weddings to reflect this.

Here’s a common misconception about same-sex weddings: They’re mostly devoid of religion. Not true! Lots of same-sex couples are devout followers of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or other religions, and they want their weddings to reflect this. 

If you or your partner is religious, don’t assume you can’t have the traditions and rituals you’ve always dreamed about. Whether it’s standing under a chuppah or being wed in front of the sacred fire, here are a few LGBT couples who married their religion to their nuptials.

  1. Pavana and Gabriel, Boston: Growing up in South Indiana, Pavana was immersed in Hindu culture, and was committed to the idea of a traditional Hindu wedding. Though the couple faced six rejections from priests, they eventually secured an Indian priest to officiate the ceremony. Pavana and Gabriel enjoyed the traditional Hindu wedding of their dreams, complete with a classical Bharatanatyam dancer and a cake shaped like the Taj Mahal.
  2. Janah and Lauren, Southern California: Both women grew up Jewish and wanted their wedding to reflect their upbringing, so Jewish wedding traditions were a must for Janah and Lauren. Though their wedding venue hadn’t even hosted a same-sex Jewish wedding, the couple incorporated the chuppah, a canopy the couple stands under for Jewish weddings, and the breaking of the glass, a symbolic gesture performed at traditional Jewish weddings.
  3. Shaun and Yee-Shin, Seattle: Deeply religious, but still immersed in gay culture, this couple not only were married in a Christian church, but brought along a few drag queens to celebrate. Yee-Shin belong to the Plymouth Church—the couple’s wedding venue—for many years and he even came out to the pastor there, so, naturally, the pastor officiated the couple’s Christian ceremony. The wedding party was a beautiful assortment of friends, including a legendary Seattle-based drag queen.
  4. Adi and Michael, Evanston, Illinois: Honoring their different faiths—Christian and Zoroastrian—was a top priority for this couple. Married at Northwestern University’s Christian chapel, Michael’s father led a Christian prayer while Adi’s parents said a traditional Zoroastrian blessing for the couple.
  5. Becky and Bonnie, Maryland: Though they chose to host their wedding ceremony at a farm, the couple honored their Jewish faith by being married under a flower-covered chuppah and by enjoying a traditional Hora, a circle dance where the couple is lifted in chairs by their family and friends. Becky and Bonnie also invited their friends and family to read blessings during the ceremony.
  6. Patty and Lisa, North Carolina: As members of an accepting congregation, these brides were married at an Episcopal church with a traditional blessing service.

{Photo by: A-Lovely-Photo}