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Whitney Teal

Whitney Teal

Articles published by Whitney Teal

Your Guide to Same-Sex Engagement Rings
So, you and your love are getting engaged—congratulations! Here are a few suggestions for how to do same-sex engagement rings.
How to Shop for Same-Sex Wedding Attire Without Ruining the Surprise
Trends & Tips
It’s a conundrum that same-sex couples grapple with: How the heck do you find complementary wedding attire without spoiling the wedding day reveal?
Expert Advice for a Same-Sex Wedding Procession
Count the procession among the many wedding traditions that are singularly designed for opposite-sex couples. Here are some alternatives for a same-sex wedding procession.
8 Do’s and Don’ts of Same-Sex Wedding Planning
Check out these do’s and don’ts for inspiration on how to approach your same-sex wedding planning — from proposal to ceremony.
5 Tips for Choosing a LGBTQ-Friendly Wedding Destination
Destination Wedding
Whether your plan is to escape to a far-flung island, roam the streets of Europe or head to a nearby town, here are a few tips for choosing a LGBTQ-friendly wedding destination.
6 Ways to Celebrate Religion at Your Same-Sex Wedding
Lots of same-sex couples are devout followers of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or other religions, and they want their weddings to reflect this.
Choosing a Wedding Officiant for Your Same-Sex Wedding
The wedding officiant is experiencing something of a revival in weddings today, with more couples than ever selecting non-traditional officiants, like friends or family members, to lead their ceremonies.
4 Ways to Find LGBTQ-Friendly Wedding Vendors
Trends & Tips
Don’t feel daunted by the task of finding accepting vendors. Lean on your network, do your research on the front-end and trust your instincts. Your efforts will be well worth it on your special day.