Planning a wedding is tough. Planning a wedding when your fiancé(e) is miles and miles away? Even tougher. If you’re struggling with completing all the things on your wedding checklist from afar, we’ve got a few wedding planning tips and tricks for you.

Here are a few wedding planning tips for long-distance couples.

Use technology to your advantage

There are plenty of apps that can make wedding planning easier from a distance (hey, we even have one), so use them to your advantage. Sharing an account means you’ll be able to keep track of your spending with the budget planner, see which tasks have been and need to be completed with your customized wedding checklist, work on your guest list and more, even when you’re not together. Yes, you should probably still talk about these things IRL, but being able to see each other’s progress will help immensely if you forget to mention something.

Communication is key

Okay, you’ve probably mastered the art of communication already - it’s a necessity in long-distance relationships - but you have to be even more diligent about reaching out to your partner when planning your wedding. There will be so many things the two of you need to discuss over the next few months, so try your best to respond to every text, answer every phone call and reply to every email.

Timing really is everything

Yes, you probably both have a lot going on right now, but your wedding isn’t going to plan itself! Pick a day of the week (or a few days of the week) and specific times to talk about the plans for your big day via phone or video chat. You’ll also want to have a few in-person wedding planning sessions booked, so choose those dates wisely, too. Pro tip: be kind to your partner if you’re working in different time zones - no one wants to wake up at 3 a.m. to discuss wedding centerpieces.

Don’t let one person take over

Planning a wedding definitely isn’t a one man (or one woman) job, so you should be tackling it as a team, no matter how much space is between the two of you. If you’re extremely type A, you may be tempted to take the reigns and work through all the tastings, appointments and contracts on your own, we highly recommend resisting the urge. While you can totally hash out fine details solo, all of your big wedding decisions should be made together (that’s what marriage is all about).

Hire a planner

Adding a third person to the equation may seem like just one more ball to juggle, but hiring a wedding planner can really take some of the stress out of planning. They can help delegate tasks, keep the two of you on track and give you direction when you start to go off course - which is even more necessary when you’re working with two people in two different locations. Remember, this is an added expense, so you’ll need to work it into your wedding budget.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Like any wedding planning journey, there’s bound to be a few bumps in the road, but don’t let them get you down. If your partner skips a Skype session with your wedding planner or missed the email you sent them about guest list details, don’t freak out, just take it in stride. Kindly remind them of the task at hand and nudge them in the right direction. You definitely don’t want to ghost your fiancé(e) in the weeks leading up to your wedding day because of something silly.

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