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5 Major Wedding Gift Don’ts for Guests

There are some major wedding gift no-nos you need to know about before you start looking for the perfect present!

So, you’ve got a friend or family member’s wedding coming up and you have no idea what to purchase for their present? While they’d probably appreciate just about anything, there are a few faux pas you should know about before you begin shopping for a wedding gift. From ignoring their registry to forgetting to send a gift if you can’t make it, this is what you need to avoid when getting and giving a wedding gift.

Here are a few major wedding gift don’ts for guests.

Don’t purchase something that’s not on the registry
Even if you consider yourself a gift-giving pro, don’t go rogue and purchase something that’s not on the couple’s wedding registry. Yes, sometimes it works out and the newlyweds love the gift, but more often than not it leaves them wondering why you didn’t respect their registry. If they’re requesting you pitch in for their honeymoon, book them a fun adventure or dinner. If they want new goodies for their kitchen, bathroom and backyard, get ‘em those.

Don’t forget that cash is always an option
Can’t decide what to purchase off the wedding registry? Cash is always an acceptable present. Yes, the happy couple appreciate anything you give them (providing its on their wedding gift list), but letting them pick their own present is also an amazing way to go. Pro tip: if you’re not super close with them, $50 to $75 is A-OK, but if they’re closer with you, aim for $75+.

Don’t bring a gift to the wedding
At first blush, this rule may seem odd, but trust us, it makes total sense. Let’s break it down: the newlyweds won’t be able to cart home hundreds of huge wedding gifts when their reception wraps and their wedding party probably won’t want to fill their cars, either. Instead, send them to their home to save them the hassle. That way they won’t have to order a U-Haul to bring their blenders, gravy boats and bath towels to their place.

Don’t leave your S.O. or plus one out
If you’re flying solo to the wedding, it’s A-OK to pick whatever you want off the registry, but if you’re coming with a plus one or partner, they should get in on the gift-giving action. Since you’ll both be pitching in, you may be able to afford something a little pricier. Remember, group wedding gifts are also totally acceptable, so if you want to go for a big ticket item, you can band together with a couple of your besties or family members.

Don’t skip the gift if you can’t attend
It’s proper etiquette to give the happy couple a gift even if you won’t be attending their wedding. You don’t have to go crazy and purchase the priciest item on their registry, but getting them a little somethin’, somethin’ is pretty much mandatory. If you don’t know how much you should be spending, use your relationship to guide you. For example, if they’re your close friends, think about splurging a little more. On the other hand, if they’re acquaintances, you can probably opt for something with a smaller price tag.