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You’re going to be faced with a lot of tough decisions when planning your wedding - like a lot. From which dress to say yes to, to picking between chicken and salmon for an entrée, there’s a lot you’ll need to tick off your wedding checklist. If you’re an indecisive person or just struggle when it comes to making big choices, use these tips and tricks to see you through.

Here’s how to make tough wedding planning decisions.

Stay focused on your vision

Focus on your end game, not all the distractions that come before it. If you want a rustic-chic boho wedding, don’t let vendors, friends or sweet discounts point you in a different direction. If you do this you’re bound to end up with someone else’s dream wedding, instead of your own.

Limit your search

While options are great, there is such a thing as too many. Give yourself a limited scope that focuses on what you want for your wedding. Do your research online and find wedding vendors that share your vision and then take the steps to meet them IRL instead of dedicating all your time and energy on seeing what’s out there. It’ll only confuse you and make decision-making that much harder. Pro tip: read our article about how to choose between two wedding vendors

Don’t ask for too many opinions

Asking for your friends, family members and followers opinions on things like food, flowers and decor is not a good idea. Everyone has their own taste and style, and it’s pretty likely that you’ll get mixed answers (confusing you more instead of actually helping). While others’ opinions are great in small doses, we recommend skipping the Twitter polls and going with your instincts - they’re what matters the most.

Put faith in your team

While you shouldn’t put stock in unwanted opinions, if you really need a hand, ask your inner circle for their two cents. Your wedding planner, wedding vendors and wedding party are there to help you, so if you feel lost, lean on them. They’ll remind you what’s important and help push you toward the best option for you.

Set deadlines

Naturally, you’ll have to play by the rules when it comes to contract deadlines, but you should also set your own. Give yourself specific dates to have tasks done by so that your responsibilities don’t pile up. Having a time limit will force you to follow your heart and make the tough calls that you may otherwise try to avoid.

Don’t look back

Once you’ve made a decision, don’t make tons of tweaks and changes. Of course, mistakes do happen and you may need to make a few light edits to your plans - say a vendor accidentally told you something would be in stock and it’s actually unavailable - but you shouldn’t make any HUGE overhauls once you’ve committed.

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