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The wedding planning process can be tough, so you’ll want a stellar group of people behind you to get you through. Fill your roster with planners, party animals and everything in between to ensure a stress-free ride. Don’t worry if you only have one or two bridesmaids or groomsmen, even a single person can take on all these roles.

Here are the types of people that should be in every wedding party.

The Planner
The planner is the pal who runs around town with an agenda in tow, doing everything on time to the best of their ability. Though this may drive you insane at times, it will be nothing but helpful during the wedding planning process. They’ll help you schedule in all your fittings, tastings and appointments and make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch. Sure, they may step on your wedding planner’s toes a little, but it’s in their nature.

The Party Animal
We all have this friend. You know, the one who never quite got past their years of funnelling PBR, dancing on tables and staying out past last call. While they might be a handful on a night out, they’ll be a fantastic addition to your wedding party. Acting as a foil to your type A planner pal, they’re bound to keep things interesting and unexpected. You probably shouldn’t task them with important deeds like tipping your vendors post-ceremony, but enlisting them with “hype man” duties is a must. Plus, they’ll probably throw one hell of a bachelor or bachelorette party.

The Emotional One
This is the friend who has a Costco-sized box of Kleenex at the ready for emotionally-charged events like watching the final scenes of Titanic. He or she never forgets to send you a sappy card on your birthday, gives hugs that rival your own mother’s and will rush to your side if any crisis arises (no matter how small). If planning gets you down or you start to get cold feet, this is the pal that will help you get through it. They’ll also be the one that requires waterproof mascara or an extra handkerchief at your ceremony.

The Laid-Back One
Trust me, you definitely need one chill friend on your team to keep you sane. They’re the friend who doesn’t freak out when plans get cancelled and is always willing to compromise. They’ll help you master the art of going with the flow when wedding plans aren’t going your way. In other words, they’ll help you find your zen when you’re on the verge of becoming a bridezilla.

The Crafty One
This friend is a walking, talking Pinterest board. They know how to fashion a mason jar into a pretty much anything, they can do wonders with a string of lights and never before have you seen someone wield a Sharpie quite like they do. They’ll be a lifesaver when it comes to making decorations, hosting parties and putting together your favours as they’ll want to take the front seat. Not only will this save you stress, but it’ll also save you money.

The Sidekick
Your sidekick is your partner in crime, your bestie. The Thelma to your Louise. The Chandler to your Joey. The Romy to your Michele. They’ve seen you through the ups and the downs and they’ll probably be your maid of honour or best man when your big day arrives. They were most likely your first pick when you started to think about your wedding party, and for good reason - they’re the best.

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