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Alright, grooms! It’s time to get suited and booted for your big day. If you’re going with a simpler suit (or tuxedo), you’re going to need a few accessories to amp it up. Whether you want to add a bold tie, a patterned pocket square, a pair of unique cufflinks or the whole nine yards is your call. Take a page from the books of these real Canadian grooms, and your wedding look will be on point.

Here are some of our favourite accessories worn by real grooms.

Johnny’s Accessories - Johnny & Stephanie's wedding

Calico Cat Productions

Dan’s Accessories - Dan & Laura’s wedding

Amy Cheshire Photography

Michael’s Accessories - Michael & Nadia's wedding

Chad’s Accessories - Chad & Kristen's wedding

Brandon Elliot Photography

Phil’s Accessories - Phil & Carys's wedding

Michelle Lewis Photography

Ryan’s Accessories - Ryan & Rebecca's wedding

Dudek Photography

Adam’s Accessories - Adam & Meghan's wedding

Danielle Tremblay Photography

Kyles Accessories - Brandon & Kyle’s wedding

Mango Studios

Derek’s Accessories - Derek & Aleksandra's wedding

Riley’s Accessories - Riley & Kimberly's wedding

Paisley Photography

Dan’s Accessories - Dan & Adelina's wedding

Joe’s Accessories - Joe & Angela's wedding

Chic & Grace Studios

Vince’s Accessories - Vince & Sam's wedding

Up in the Clouds Photo + Cinema

Mike’s Accessories - Mike & Jessica's wedding

Bradley’s Accessories - Bradley & Charlotte's wedding

Karizma Photography

Joe’s Accessories - Joe & Melissa's wedding

Tide + Velvet

Dean’s Accessories - Dean & Emma's wedding

Raelene Schulmeister Photography

Keith’s Accessories - Keith & Joelle's wedding

Nicole Amanda Photography

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