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6 Tips for Introducing Your Fiancé(e) to Your Parents

Your parents and your partner are some of the most important people in your life, so you want introductions to go flawlessly. Here’s how to set it up.


If your parents and your partner have never crossed paths, you’re going to need to arrange some introductions before the wedding. You definitely don’t want their first meeting to be at your engagement party, so you’ll need to put something together before any pre-wedding soirees roll around. If you’re stressed about getting everyone together for the first time, follow these rules and it should be smooth sailing.

Here are a few tips for introducing your fiancé(e) to your parents.

Be ready to answer the tough questions
You’ll want to take stock of your relationship before heading out to meet your ‘rents. Yes, you already know why you’re getting hitched and there are probably a million reasons why you love your fiancé(e), but your parents aren’t aware of them. They may hit you with some pretty intense questions and you’ll need to be prepared to answer.

Timing is everything
Find a time that works well for everyone involved. It’s best not to do this when any of you are stressed - that could lead to some seriously explosive conversations - so take note of any upcoming meetings, appointments or important events. You don’t want to put it off too long, but a week or two won’t hurt.

Preparation is key
Your parents want the best for you, so they may come off a little harsh. While you don’t have any control over this, you can prep your partner for what to expect. Tell him or her about your family background, your parent’s jobs, their hobbies and more - basically a crash course on everything about them. You’ll also want to let them in on what topics are best to avoid (AKA things they hate), so that they know exactly what to steer clear of.

Start things off on the right foot
First impressions are important! Ask your fiancé(e) to pick up a small prezzie, like flowers, wine or food, to give to your parents upon arrival - this will show how kind and thoughtful they are. Also keep in mind that if your parents or S.O. don’t initiate the conversation at the door, you’re responsible for kicking off the introductions (you know the whole, “Mom, dad, this is my fiancé(e), John..” spiel).

Keep the conversation light
You don’t want to jump in too deep too soon, so keep the conversation light. Of course, your family will probably have a few serious questions about your relationship, but you want to steer clear of any delicate subjects. If your partner is particularly against talking about religion or politics, blacklist those topics. You want this to be a happy meeting, not a debate.

Run interference
Be prepared to redirect any conversations that take a turn for the worst. If your partner or parents are particularly sensitive about a topic and you see one of them start to get a bit heated, diffuse the situation ASAP. You’ve got plenty to talk about, from how the two of you met to your plans for the future, so take advantage of more positive avenues.

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