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Want to give your guests a truly memorable dessert experience? Skip serving plain old cookies, tarts and bars and get a little more creative with your sweet table. While churros are a pretty impressive dessert on their own, we suggest amping them up a little for your big day. From ice cream sammies to sugary poutine, they can be turned into pretty much anything.

Here are a few churro desserts to add to your wedding’s sweet table.

Churro Ice Cream Sandwiches
If you’re hosting a summer wedding, having few frosty treats on your dessert table is mandatory. One of the best options out there? Churro ice cream sandwiches. Not only will these bad boys keep your guests cool, but they’ll satisfy even the most stubborn sweet tooth. They’re also super popular on Instagram, so your guests will definitely be snapping some pics for their feeds.


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Churro Macarons
Give your churros a bit of French flair by turning them into macarons. These itty bitty sandwiches are the perfect indulgence to serve after a dinner of steak frites or coq a vin. If you want to make your display truly spectacular ask your baker to turn them into towers - they look ultra chic.

Churro Cupcakes
Forget about plain old chocolate and vanilla cupcakes - go with something a little more interesting for your big day. These sweet, cinnamony delights will definitely have your guests coming back for more - so don’t be afraid to order extra. If you want to go the extra mile, you can fill a tower with these handheld confections or ask your baker to create one giant, multi-tiered churro cake for your star dessert.


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Churro Donuts
We all know that donuts are one of the most popular wedding desserts, so embrace the trend and hop on the bandwagon. While having a variety of different flavours on hand is probably a good idea, you should 100% add a few churro donuts into the mix. If you really want to give them the spotlight, have your baker craft a tower with a dozen or so (this look especially awesome on more rustic sweet tables).


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Churro Popcorn
This sweet twist on the movie theatre classic is sure to impress your guests. Dust your kernels with a bit of vanilla, sugar and cinnamon and you’ve got tasty snack that you can serve at your cocktail hour, after dinner or as a favour. This one is super easy to DIY so you probably won’t even need the help of your caterer.


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Churro Poutine
Give your churros the Canadian treatment by transforming them into poutine. Naturally, the churros will replaces the french fries, but the other toppings are up to you. Cheese curds can be swapped with marshmallows, cheesecake bites or scoops of ice cream and chocolate or caramel can stand in for the gravy. Pretty delicious, eh?

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